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Lion Kings to Spanish Kings


GLAMOUR GALOREAnniversary National Museum of Women in the Arts

Diahann Carroll, Jane Curtin, Delia

Reese, Loretta Swit and The Lion Kings

Julie Taymor, five groundbreakers in music,

film, theater and television, joined the

National Museum of Women in the Arts'

20th anniversary celebrations. After short

video biographies of these gutsy women,

- each with a strong point of view - they

took questions from the audience, with

Kathleen Matthews moderating. Seen:

Sam and Jan Smith Donaldson, Bonnie

McElveen-Hunter, Mary Mochary, Philip

Wine, Carol and Climis Lascaris, Myrna Col ley-Lee (Mrs. Morgan Freeman), Irene

Natividad and the Museum founder and president, Wilhelmina Holladay and her

daughter-in-law Winton Holladay.



One of the spiciest evenings in town raised funds for one ofWashington's most quietly

deserving charities: Mary's Center for Maternal and Child Care. PBS newsman Ray Suarez, La

Romana's scorching salsas, the Tobias Dinastia dancers and a great dinner (tender hunks of

filet, nothing "mignon" here) raised $250K, said Center founder and CEO Maria Gomez.



Connie Carter chaired the Woodrow Wilson House reception opening The Presidential Dish, a

re-creation of Mrs. Wilson's White House China Room with 130 pieces of rare presidential

porcelain in widely varying patterns. That weird red ice-cream plate topped by a scupted gold

snowshoe landed in Lucy Hayes' cabinet after husband Rutherford B. - the president who

pulled the last Union troops out of the South - celebrated unification with china picturing

the four U.S. compass points and snowshows meaning "north."



Stately Princess Elena, daughter of King Juan Carlos I of Spain and Queen Sophia,

opened the National Portrait Gallery's Legacy: Spain and the United States in the Age

of Independence:1763-1848. At this don't-miss exhibit, magnificent paintings of the

American and Spanish notables involved and the accompanying texts remind us of the help

Spain gave us in winning our Revolutionary War. Infanta Elena, who spoke authroitatively

and warmly to the guests, is now fourth in line to the throne after her brother, Crown

Prince Felipe, and the two daughters born to him and his wife Letizia, Princess of Asturias,

a former television journalist.



Two family tales, one royal, one noble: At the National Portrait Gallery reception

with Infanta Elena, we learned that Sandy Stackelburg, son of the late

Washington personality, Baroness Garnett Stackelburg, shared the same

godmother with Elena's brother the Prince of Asturias.Through her husband

Constantine ("Steno") Stackelburg, Garnett was related to the Spanish

royal house (as well as those of England, Greece, and Sweden), son Sandy and

the crown prince had as godmother Victoria Eugenia, wife of Alexander

XIII, and Queen of Spain. There was another "relative

connection" at Barbara and Chiswell Dabney Langhorn Jr's cocktail party, "Shaken, Not Stirred," benefiting the

privately funded Trees For Georgetown. The first Chiswell Dabney Langhorne

of Virginia fathered five celebrated beauties. One sister married artist

Charles Dana Gibson, and became the model for his "Gibson Girl," the legendary -

but discreetly covered - "pin-up" of a century ago. Sister Nancy left Virginia for England,

became the wife of Lord Waldorf Astor and scored fame as Lady Astor, the first woman

seated in the English parliament. And, said "Chillie" (Chiswell) Langhorne,

through two great-grandmother sisters, yet another Washingtonian is also in the loop - his

first cousin, Tandy Dickerson. Ancestor Astor, a no-nonsense American and tart-tongued

firebrand, was famous for her put-downs: On her hapless husband: "I married

beneath me. All women do." And when hard-drinking Winston Churchill was invited to her

costume ball he asked what would be his best disguise and she answered, "Come sober, Mr.

Prime Minister, come sober."WL

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