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The Bradlee Bunch



W'hen WJLA reporter Pamela

Brown asked WL to save

the date for her house

warming party, little did we know that Sally

Quinn would be maneuvering behind the

scenes to ensure that her son Quinn Bradlee,

his new housemates and their guests would

have a fashionable time. After finishing

film school, Quinn convinced his parents

(Dad is Ben Bradlee, of course) to rent him the

guesthouse at their N St. manse in Georgetown - complete with pool and tennis court privileges. Now, the

group which includes his friend Stephen Ball (a former chef at the Pentagon), Brown and Lindsey Volckmann

(a health IT liaison at the National Cancer Institute) have Sally and Ben as landlords.


CalloutThe party was hot (well over 80 degrees)

and packed. Sally, who always lives up to her

reputation as one of Georgetown's premiere

hostesses, didn't disappoint. She tented the

tennis court, hired a soul band, booked a

caterer and stocked the bar. How nice to see

the Georgetown set behave in a civilized

manner instead of slugging down as many

RBVs (Red Bull vodkas) as possible in between

suggestive dances to '80s tunes. Instead, we

found Maureen Dowd trying to be

inconspicuous in the corner, flirting with

younger men who seemed to be

enjoying her company. (There is no shame in

pulling a Demi. Heck, I was trying to hit on

them as well). In the end, the Sally mystique

worked. The evening ended with Quinn and

Anna Kimsey dancing closely.


Another of the junior set's hosts, Winston Bao Lord,

turned 40 last month. They say 40 is the new 30 (he

tried to unsuccessfully convince us it was his 30th

birthday), and Winston is the local calendar boy for

this maxim. In September he hosted a rooftop

bash at Jim Kimsey's office on Pennsylvania Avenue

to raise money for the E. L. Haynes Public Charter School.


Several hundred guests gathered for a last kiss of summer with lots of booze and good

music. Winston, whois often behind the scene organizing many younger crowd

social events, will chair The Washington Ballet's Jete Society dance party on January

26 with Ashley Taylor, right before (drum roll here) WL's Young and the Guest List Party on

February 1. We are all saddened that this will be Mr. Lord's last year on the list.


There are mysterious rumors about list. And, admittedly, there is a je ne sais quoi - which is hard to explain, let

alone translate - regarding those who make the final list. It does come down to whether they have "it" or not.

We can't help the fact that we want to see Katie Rost in gorgeous gowns - but she is also active in

philanthropy here and New York.


That's the key. Our committee looks at how prospective listees contribute to society, how they've established

themselves professionally in addition to their background, manners and education, WL

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