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A review of the the area's best yoga studios

In a go-go-go city where long hours and tension headaches are an understatement, fi nding the right yoga studio can be the difference between burning the midnight oil and just plain burning out. But, with an abundance of studios and so many variations of yoga available, just choosing a place to put down your mat can be exhausting. Vinyasa, Bikram or Ashtanga? Cardio blast or meditative? The choices are endless. To reap the full benefi ts of yoga it is important to choose the right tradition, atmosphere and level, and this guide to the city's premier studios will help you to make that choice.

Workout Worthy
Down Dog Yoga (Georgetown)
Challenging and invigorating classes are held in a hot studio and rooted in Baptiste Power Vinyasa style, which encourages cardiovascular fitness and flexibility through a flowing series of strength-building poses. www.downdogyoga.com (202) 965-yoga Ashtanga Yoga Center (Tenleytown) Be prepared to sweat at this studio, where the vigorous path of Ashtanga Yoga is followed. Ashtanga involves synching your breath with a series of postures which produce intense internal heat and a purifying sweat. www.ashtangayogadc.com (202) 342-6029

Workout Worthy cont'd.
Flow Yoga Center (Dupont)
This eco-friendly studio serves as a refuge for those who seek a nurturing and harmonious environment. With three traditions of flowing yoga- Ashtanga, Vinyasa and Jivamukti-each class is a “celebration of life.” www.flowyogacenter.com (202) 462-flow Inspired Yoga (Adams-Morgan and U Street) Features high energy “flow” style classes in which breath is used as a transition from one pose to the next. Offers specialty classes such as yoga for runners, belly-dancing and relaxing candlelight classes. www.inspiredyoga.com (202) 462-1800


Some Like it Hot
Bikram Yoga Dupont (Dupont)
Classes consist of a 90-minute sequence of 26 demanding postures in a highly heated room. Each pose is described step-by-step so beginners can catch on. Get ready to sweat… www.bikramyogadc.com (202) 332-8680

Hot Yoga (Tenleytown)
In a room heated to your body temperature (approximately 97.8 degrees), these Vinyasa style classes challenge you both physically and mentally. Practicing yoga in a heated environment helps open the muscular and skeletal systems and eliminate toxins. www.hotyogausa.com (202) hot-yoga

Mindfully Meditative
Spiral Flight (Upper Georgetown)
Spiral Flights' classes emphasize mindfulness and an intimate connection with the body. Relaxed and welcoming, this studio features classes for moms-to-be, kids and teens, meditation and chanting, and massage. www.spiralflightyoga.com (202) 965-1645

Dahn Yoga (D.C., Maryland and Virginia)
With 14 centers spanning the area and regular 60 min. classes based on 5,000-year-old Korean exercises, dahn yoga is gentle and encourages stress relief and happiness. www.dahnyoga.com (202) 965-1645


Unity Woods (Arlington, Bethesda and a few D.C. locations)
This studio features classes in asana (posture) and pranayama (breathing) in the vigorous Iyengar method of Hatha Yoga, which emphasizes a balance between strength and flexibility, builds endurance and develops self-awareness. www.unitywoods.com (301) 656-8992

Yoga Chic
Tranquil Space (Dupont, Penn Quarter and Bethesda)
This colorful and upbeat studio features a tea lounge, spa and tranquiliT boutique filled with its private line of custom yoga-gear. Aromatherapy is offered after each vinyasa yoga class. www.tranquilspace.com (202) 223-yoga

Soma Fit (Upper Georgetown)
Everyone needs to be pampered occasionally. This deluxe fitness center and day spa offers yoga classes in several different traditions-Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Power. www.somafit.com (202) 965-2121

For the Kids
Budding Yogis (Chevy Chase)
Many studios offer classes for kids, this one caters specifically to a younger crowd, encouraging physical and mental well-being in a noncompetitive and playful atmosphere. Summer camp, yoga birthday parties and therapeutic yoga for children with special needs are also offered. www.buddingyogis.com (202) 686-1104


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