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51JIM KIMSEY BUSINESSMAN/ PHILANTHROPIST The co-founder of America Online and the city's leading bachelor makes the rounds regularly with ever-changing eye-candy on his arm. Generous. Nice. A guy's guy.

52 POLLY KRAFT ARTIST AND HOSTESS You'd do well to impress this smart and connected grande dame/ watercolorist if you want to make it socially here.

53 LASALLE and RUTHIE LEFFALL SURGEON & CIVIC LEADER The eminent cancer specialist and his impeccably dressed spouse mix easily at the highest levels of society

54 MARC and JACQUELINE LELAND FINANCIAL ADVISOR & FASHIONISTA Monsieur gives fi nancial advice to the Getty family and was once married to a Rothschild. Madame is grandly gowned and bejeweled, and the mother of literary genius Alain de Botton, her son from a previous marriage to the eminent Swiss banker Gilbert de Botton. Discerning connoisseurs and art patrons of note.

55 TED and LYNN LEONSIS BUSINESSMAN & PHILANTHROPIST Spot this AOL vice chairman courtside at the MCI center whether he's cheering on his alma-mater, Georgetown, or the Wizards, Capitals or Mystics, which he co-owns. She's just as much of a cheerleader. Their hands on approach to philanthropy is a slam dunk.

56 JEAN-DAVID and MARIECECILE LEVITTE FRENCH AMBASSADOR & WIFE Blessed with one of the grandest Embassy Row addresses, they work hard to keep Franco-American affairs comme il faut. Low key, genial hosts who are generous to a fault with numerous local causes.

57 FRED and MARLENE MALEKMERCHANT BANKER & FUNDRAISER The Carlyle Group honcho is fl ying a bit closer to earth after his bid to buy the Nationals fell through (and some really nasty press). Not one to rest on his laurels, his next big deal will likely grab headlines as well. She's a delightful trooper for local causes.

58 SIR DAVID and LADY (CATHERINE) MANNING BRITISH AMBASSADOR & MYSTERY WRITER The British ambassador to the U.S. and his mystery novelist wife aren't entertaining as much as their glitzy predecessors, although they did host Prince Charles and Camilla with great style. Still one of the most coveted invites in town.

59 DAVID and CARRIE MARRIOTT HOTEL EXECUTIVE & WIFE The young hotel heir and his pretty wife are one of the capital's most attractive new couples about town. Book them for your next fundraiser before the competition.

60 JAQUELINE BADGER MARS PHILANTHROPIST The Mars candy heiress with the $10 billion fortune keeps mostly to her Middleburg farm but is known to come to town for major opera functions.

61 CHRIS and KATHLEEN MATTHEWS TELEVISION TALK SHOW HOST & LOCAL NEWS ANCHOR He's got the booming Hardball voice and Irish charm. She'll be leaving her local anchor job to go corporate with Marriott. Good guests. Funny. Warm. In love.

62 JOHN, CINDY and ROBERTA MCCAIN SENATOR, WIFE & HIS MOTHER A maverick with folk hero appeal, he and his lovely ladies are invited everywhere. Fun to have to any gathering, they light up a room and so do the cameras.

63 ERIC MOTLEY WHITE HOUSE AIDE The soft-spoken African-American White House aide is one of the rare Bush team members to liven up the local arts scene. More popular than ever after his massive profi le in the Washington Post.

64 JOHN and DIANA NEGROPONTE INTELLIGENCE DIRECTOR & WIFE Getting the intelligence czar to attend your party is a major coup, even if he slips in late after a hush-hush White House confab with you-know-who. His stylish wife, the daughter of Sir Charles Villiers, the late chairman of British Steel, is lively, mannered and well-connected.

65 WILLIAM NEWMAN and SHEILA JOHNSON JUDGE & BUSINESS TYCOON This newly wed Middleburg couple made a splash with their lavish, celeb fi lled nuptials last year. She's a sports tycoon and soon-tobe hotel queen. He holds court with her.

66 BILL and ANN NITZE LAWYER & ART DEALER The top of the ladder: Family connections (his father was presidential advisor Paul Nitze, his mother was a Pratt oil heiress), exquisite hospitality, all the right people, and always someone new you defi nitely need to meet.

67 QUEEN NOOR FORMER QUEEN CONSORT OF JORDAN & AUTHOR Beautiful, aloof and always fashionable, King Hussein's widow commands any room with her regal bearing. May be on the market for the right king.

68 FRANCO NUSCHESE RESTAURATEUR He's "Casablanca Rick" of Washington, rounding up the usual suspects to his ground-zero Café Milano. Generous, discreet and plugged in, he is a passionate host and soft-spoken addition to any event.

69 BARACK and MICHELLE OBAMA SENATOR & HOSPITAL ADMINISTRATOR The cool, charismatic Illinois Democrat and best selling author (as well as Men's Vogue cover-boy) is the ultimate unattainable guest - unless it's a political fundraiser or the Gridiron dinner, where he was roasted during his fi rst year in offi ce. She's a tall, model thin glamour gal who stays home in Chicago with the kids. Pity.

70 PETER and LYNN PACE JOINT CHIEFS OF STAFF CHAIRMAN & WIFE That uniform and chest full of medals do light up a room! He's tall and good looking; she's cool, collected and at his side.

71 PAUL and NANCY PELOSI BUSINESSMAN & HOUSE MINORITY LEADER He is handsome, successful and charming. She's smart, ambitious, vivacious, comes from a political family, and may just become the next (and fi rst female) speaker of the House.

72 DAVID and KIRSTEN POLLIN BUSINESS LEADER & WIFE He's the nephew of Wizards owner Abe Pollin and grew up a charmed boy. She's statuesque, blonde and also in demand by the under 40-set. Put them on your list.

73COLIN and ALMA POWELL CORPORATE EXECUTIVE & PHILANTHROPIST/AUTHOR The former general and secretary of state is the one Washington celebrity with the ability to

74 WAYNE and CATHERINE REYNOLDS EDUCATION ENTREPRENEUR & PHILANTHROPIST Socially forward regulars at high profi le events which they most likely have underwritten, this high achieving couple don't seem to care if they ruffl e a few feathers. She is straight from the pages of Danielle Steel. Her way or the highway.

75 CONDOLEEZZA RICE SECRETARY OF STATE Condi is pretty, warm, and not to shabby on the keyboard - Oh yeah - way important. Always exquisitely dressed (Thanks to Oscar).

76 JOE ROBERT DEVELOPER AND PHILANTHROPIST Eligible bachelor and a deeply generous hometown boy who supports a wide array of causes. His annual "Fight Night" cigar smoker boozefest has raised serious dough - and his social profi le.

77 ROXANNE ROBERTS and AMY ARGETSINGER NEWS HENS The Washington Post's "Reliable Source" gossips split up their party coverage, and getting at least one to attend is a must if you simply must read about yourself over morning coffee. Roberts has been around for ages and knows all the players.

78 JOHN and SHARON ROCKEFELLER SENATOR & PUBLIC TELEVISION ADVOCATE The fourth Rockefeller to bear the world's number one plutocratic name is hardworking, low-key and devoted to his commitments. His wife, the daughter of former Illinois Sen. Chuck Percy, continues her battle for public TV despite her ill health.

79 SELWA "LUCKY" ROOSEVELT WRITER AND OPERA BOOSTER Ronald Reagan's former chief of protocol is a lovely guest, always chatty and commands center stage - especially when the Washington National Opera and tenor Placido Domingo take a bow. Lifetime Achievement Award material.

80 KARL and DARBY ROVE PRESIDENTIAL ALTER EGO & SOUTHERN COOKING EXPERT The architect of the Bush Administration Master Plan is a smart cookie and always in demand. He's thinner in real life, and darn nice - if a little geeky.

81 DONALD AND JOYCE RUMSFELD SECRETARY OF DEFENSE & HOMEMAKER What's not to like about Rummy - politics aside, of course. He's a gravelly mensch of a father fi gure type, waiting up till his daughter comes home after a date. He and Joyce prefer the security of loyal pals and try to keep grounded at their weekend retreat on the Eastern Shore.

82 TIM RUSSERT and MAUREEN ORTH NBC BUREAU CHIEF & WRITER He personifi es the top-rated Meet The Press Sunday chat show drill. She's a Vanity Fair scribe. Together, they bring lively rapport and gentle gravitas to any event. Good dish, and fun.

83 ROGER and VICKI SANT ENTREPRENEUR & BOARD MEMBER The art collecting electric power mogul and his wife exemplify high-end philanthropy with eight-fi gure gifts to the Smithsonian, National Symphony and World Wildlife Fund. Kind, considerate and unaffected.

84 ANTONIN and MAUREEN SCALIA SUPREME COURT JUSTICE & HOMEMAKER Behind that fusty exterior, the conservative jurist doesn't mind the social fray. He knows how to make his own fun, and so does she. Vote: unanimous.

85 NASH and ANIKO SCHOTT FORMER LITIGATOR & DECORATOR She: chic interior designer, former czarina of Garfi nckel's and friends with all the important wives. He: coming out of his shell after putting all those baddies away as a Justice Dept. prosecutor. Moving from Old Town to Foxhall Road may up their profi le.

86 TONY and JILL SNOW BUSH ADMINISTRATION PRESS SPOKESMAN & WIFE Smart, quick and now that he's fl acking for the White House, the invites are in the mail.

87 DAN AND TANYA SNYDER WASHINGTON REDSKINS OWNER & WIFE He's the short one in sunglasses. She's the glamorous blonde one in designer everything. Angle for an invite to the owner's box. Maybe you'll rub shoulders with Condi and other A-list football fans.

88 GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS and ALI WENTWORTH TALK SHOW MODERATOR & ACTRESS He spent years with Bill Clinton before donning his journalist's hat. She's the gregarious, telegenic daughter of Reagan social secretary Muffi e Brandon. Live in Georgetown, they ratchet up the star power of any party.

89 GEORGE and LIZ STEVENS HOLLYWOOD PRODUCER/ DIRECTOR & SOMETIME DECORATOR He's Old Hollywood and started the Kennedy Center Honors Gala. She's a Phipps - as in steel - with a passion for Democratic causes. Popular, friendly and adored by all.

90 NINA AUCHINCLOSS STRAIGHT WRITER Connected by blood or marriage to the likes of Gore Vidal, Jackie O. and various Kennedys, this fox hunting lawyer always has an enchanting tale to tell.

91 ASHLEY TAYLOR MODEL AND BOUTIQUE MANAGER Like Tracy Lord, our own blonde bombshell is lit from within. Manager of her grandmother Ann Hand's jewelry shop in Georgetown, she is as nice as she is pretty. A total catch.

92 GEOFF TRACY and NORA O'DONNELL RESTAURATEUR & TELEVISION CORRESPONDENT He's a cool, sexy chef. She's a savvy, sexy journalist. Catch them breaking bread at one of his restaurants or the occasional A-list event.

93 JACK and MARY MARGARET VALENTI FORMER HOLLYWOOD LOBBYIST & MENTAL HEALTH PATRON Now retired, he seems busier than ever but always has time for wonderful anecdotes and lively banter. She doesn't go out much.

94 CHRIS AND LORRAINE WALLACE JOURNALIST & WIFE The droll Fox News Sunday host knows plenty about the ways of Washington and doesn't mind plugging you in. His darling wife is a local gal who knows the social byways. Will their post-Labor Day "Welcome back from Summer" soiree become an annual event? Stay tuned.

95 JOHN and JEANNE WARNER SENATOR & REALTOR They don't go out much, but when they do guests take notice. After marriage to Liz Taylor and a Mellon, he fi nally got it right the third time around. Jeanne is supportive and down to earth.

96 MARK WARNER and LISA COLLIS PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFUL & ATTORNEY Back from Richmond to Old Town, the zillionaire tech mogul and his wife will no doubt dive back into the fundraising swim due to his presidential ambitions. He'd rather play touch football with his daughters.

97 KEVIN WARSH and JANE LAUDER LAWYER & COSMETICS PRINCESS This 35 year-old Harvard Law grad was recently confi rmed as the youngest member of the Federal Reserve Board. She's the granddaughter of late Estee Lauder. Together, they add rare New York pizzaz to the D.C. scene.

98 SEPTIME WEBRE and KAY KENDALL BALLET IMPRESARIO & BALLETOMANE The Washington Ballet's Cuban-born director and ever-youthful chairwoman liven up any party with a mambo, samba or cha-cha-cha. He's the reason husbands refuse to dance.

99 JEFFREY WEISS and JULIANNA GLOVER WEISS LAWYER & LOBBYIST She used to work for Dick Cheney and is totally plugged in to the younger political hotshots. He's the quieter one. Their frequent bipartisan bashes are the place to meet media types and network for that post-Administration career opportunity.

100 PAUL WOLFOWITZ PRESIDENT OF THE WORLD BANK "Wolfie" is a mover and shaker who makes a major mark wherever he lands, be it academia, government or international fi nance. He loves opera and is known to make regular, unannounced visits to wounded troops at Walter Reed.



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