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Ceviche GPP

artnerships are all about

diplomacy. Democrats

and Republicans butt heads frequently

in our little microcosm of nations,

yet scuffles in Congress give way

to grudging compromise when

the bill's simply got to get passed.

It's fitting, then, that restauranteurs

and nightclub owners — one ministering to the

appetites and one to, well, the other appetites — would form similar alliances. Michael Kosmides

of Play Nightclub (1219 Connecticut Ave, NW) recently partnered with Fabrizio Aielli

and wife Ingrid of Teatro-Goldoni (1909 K St., NW); Kosmides will segue Teatro's

four-star dining experience into a first-class hotspot. Further collaborations are afoot as well for the dream

team of Tony Cord, Richard Johns and DJ Neekola (responsible for a series of smashing rooftop,

Chatterboxopen-air soirees this summer); their baby, D'AIRE (short for DC Open

Air Lounge), will take its first wobbly steps in various (yet to be

named) parks on Thursday and Friday nights in October from 7 p.m.

to 11 p.m.


Few know that "Diplomacy," an arcane board

game in which players act as European powers (it's real, we

swear!), was the favorite pastime of expert alliance-makers Henry

Kissinger and John F. Kennedy. Appropriately, Diplomacy shares its

place in our town with another game: Monopoly, where Park Place

is a notoriously sought-after piece of property. The Park @

Fourteenth (920 14th St., NW) will be worth far more if new

GM Dirk Van Stockum gets his way. Stockum's impressive

cirriculum vitae includes working the door at District after-hours

staples Diva, The Fifth Column, Zei Sesto Senso and Poseurs. The

Park@Fourteenth is slated to open this fall.


"Cocktail caucus" isn't a phrase commonly used (in fact, I think I just

coined it), even in a city where everyone has a little bit of an

agenda. Hillary Rodham Clinton harnessed the power of cocktails

and the voice of siren Mya at Ibiza Night club (1222 First St., NE) for

a fundraiser on September 3; she's not the only Clinton who knows

how to party. Lotus Lounge (1420 K St., NW) serves up political

punch at their "Pick the POTUS at Lotus," where votes will be tallied electronically between the Hawaiian-

inspired "Obama-rama," the Guiliani "Big Apple" martini and Hillary Rodham Clinton's strong and sweet

"Hillartini" and many more. While there's no way to predict who will pop the victory cork come election day,

we bet that non-alcoholic "The Romney" won't be a best-seller. You've got till November 2008 to

"drink the vote" at Lotus, so vote early and often.


Politically speaking, Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld and Latin Concepts, famed for restaurant Ceviche,

are obviously fans of "manifest destiny." Not content to dominate Silver Springs' tastebuds,

they're expanding to claim Glover Park "in the name of Spain" a la Columbus. The new, sister

Ceviche restaurant has been outfitted in red leather and chandeliers — "Latin-Rustic" is the official party

line for the look - by renowned Georgetown firm Grupo Seven Design Studio, LLC.WL


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