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15 minutes of fame with the corcoran 1869 society

Maybe people were celebrating the start of a holiday weekend. Maybe they were excited that rare works from Andy Warhol’s Pittsburgh Museum are on exhibit at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. Or maybe the 700 guests were just having a rockin’ good time on October 7 as they celebrated the 1869 Society’s Washington- Life-sponsored extravaganza honoring the late pop artist’s exhibit. No matter what the reason, Washington’s younger social set, including Michael Craine, Kate Gibney, Michael Saylor, Mark Ein, Christopher Reiter, Sara Allen and Alison Lukes, were content to party in retro chic a ire as DJ Seyhan pumped up the volume with ‘70s disco beats and throbbing House music.

Guests toted home gift bags with goodies from Kiehl’s, Patron tequila, Alchimie Forever, Urban Chic, Ann Hand, The Container Store, Alex Boutique, Sports Club LA, and Gucci, plus a copy of “The Philosophy of Andy Warhol from A to Z.”

Approximately 200 revelers capped off the night by making their way to WL’s invitationonly a er-party on the roof deck of the popular Tabaq Bistro in Adams Morgan.

Brett Bagley, Charlotte Grassi and Charlie Fox

Christopher Reiter, Ben Meredith and Kevin Chaffee

Andy Warhol and friends
Michael Crain and friends
Andrea Rodgers and Paul Faust

Eric de Cholnoky, Liza Wynne and John Olimpitus
Sara Allen

Natalie Wilkison, Melih Buyukbayrak and Diana Minshall
Anelli Werner and Kendall Broderick

David Bruce and Princess Gelila Selassie
Diana Minshak, Sarah Bowman, Gina Tunibaella, Wade Atkinson and Leslie Hutchinson

DJ Seyhan
Corcoran 1869

Corcoran 1869
Alston Frazier
Amanda Duchek

Patrick Bateman and Erin Dougherty
Jon Frederick and Dan Rairke

Joel Limerick and Ieshln Crawford
Lana Hamilton and Michael Saylor

Jose Reblando, Christina Flagler Martin and Mario Vicenzion
Corcoran 1869



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