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1 CLAY BLACKMORE is an established portrait and wedding photographer. His client list includes such luminaries as Larry King, Forrest Whitaker and Jenna Elfman. Blackmore’s photos of notable women dressed as their alter egos are excerpted from his book Extraordinary Women, Fantasies Revealed.

2 MARY CHENEY, daughter of Vice President Dick Cheney, serves as a vice president at DC Navigators and on the board of Capital Partners for Education. In the event spotlight, she highlights their Visions for the Future 15th anniversary gala.

3 PATRICIA COOK, a Wall Street veteran with over 25 years of experience developing and managing fixed-income investment strategies, serves as the chief business officer for Freddie Mac. As the co-chair for Higher Achievement’s inaugural gala, she writes about the importance of education in the event spotlight.

4 TIM COBURN is an award-winning
photographer with a concentration in commercial photography. He has been working as a professional photographer since 1996. Coburn brings his capable eye to the “Suited for Power” fashion shoot.

5 JANET DONOVAN is the founder and president of Creative Enterprises International, a Washington, and D.C., publicity firm whose clients include celebrities, authors, politicians and publications. She created and hosted The Beltway Broads radio show and writes the column Media Spotlight.

6 Victory ’08 Chairman for the Republican National Committee, CARLY FIORINA is one of the most recognized business leaders of the world. She writes about her work with Vital Voices in our coverage of their 2008 Leadership Awards.

7 ROLAND FLAMINI was the Washington based chief international correspondent at United Press International until 2006. He also worked as the foreign correspondent and World section editor for Time magazine. In the feature “Pay to Play,” he writes about which presidential nominee Washingtonians are backing.
8 Self-taught conservationist BOB NIXON has won five Emmy Awards and an Academy Award nomination while helping to bring attention and resources to endangered environments, species and people around the world. Nixon turns his attention to the Battle for Poplar Point in our Home Life section.

9 MARIANE PEARL, a 2008 Fern Holland Awardee, is an international journalist and honorary board member of the Daniel Pearl Foundation. Pearl writes about the power of women in our coverage of the annual awards.

10 DONNA SHOR is an internationalist who has lived in five countries on three continents, climbed the Great Wall of China, tracked tigers in Bangladesh, and hobnobbed with greats from Peck (Gregory) to Picasso (Pablo). She has written widely, from National Geographic to the Paris-based International Herald Tribune and our “Around Town” column


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