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The Anne Bujon educational initiative benefit dinner

February 3rd • French Ambassador's Residence

Anne Bujon, wife of former French Ambassador Francois Bujon de l'Etang, was guest of honor at the Alliance Francais' annual dinner to support French language and culture instruction in D.C.'s public schools.

Althouh the Bujon's diplomatic posting ended in 2002, their continued clout was evident raised $68,000 for the cause. 80-plus black-tie clad guests mingled before dinner in the classically-inspired red drawing room before settling into a four-course meal that included vintage champagne and mouth watering foie gras. After dinner, soprano Courtenay Schowalter entertained guests with selections from Poulenc and Bizet.

French Ambassador Jean-David Levitte and his wife, Marie-Cecile, Magda Chrobog, dinner chairwoman Dianne Alfandre Bruce, Willie Lewis, Philip and Nina Pillsbury, Calvin and Jane Cafritz, Gerson Nordlinger, Lolo Sarnoff , Gertrude d' Amecourt, Carmen Perowitz and D.C. Public Schools Superintendent Cliff ord Janey.


Bobbie Brewster
Dianne Alfandre Bruce

Roland Celette and Mathew Hastings
William Haseltine, Mike McMurphy and Magda Chrobog

Donald and Mable Champagne
Mathew Otenlips and Courtney Kary Magruder y Schowalter

Jean-David Levitte, Anne Bujon, Marie-Cecile Levitte and Francois Bujon de l’Etang
Kary Magruder

Willee Lewis, Mathew Hastings, Danielle Canfield and Thomas Canfield
Jane Lipton Cafritz

Nina Pillsbury, Vibeke Lofft and Ann Townsend
Lolo Sarnoff, Ruthie Leffall and Gertrude Amencourt



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