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Lombardi Gala works miracles


With sparkle-covered white branches, frosty blue fabric and icicles dangling everywhere, the Washington Hilton has rarely looked as beautiful as it did for the 20th Lombardi Gala on October 29. The festive décor was also inspired by honorees Peggy Fleming, an Olympic gold medalist and breast cancer survivor, and Dan Jansen, an Olympic speed skater who lost a sister, Jane, to leukemia. Both have been major supporters of cancer research and have, through their foundations, helped create awareness of the disease. Fleming, who owns a vineyard, has a special label called Victories Rose, and donates 45 percent of sales to cancer research.

Frank and Kathy Keating co-chaired the event that attracted over 1,200 guests and raised over $1.2 million to benefi t Georgetown University’s Lombardi Comprehensive Career Center. Spotted: Fred and Marlene Malek, Margaret Hodges, Don Nickles, Tom Ridge, Carolyn and Michael Deaver, Vincent Lombardi, III and Australian Ambassador Dennis Richardson.

Laurie Lapeyre and Margaret Hodges

Dan Jansen, Peggy Fleming, and Karen Jansen
Frank and Susan Keating

Ray Benton and Susan Lipton
Tom and Katie Cunningham



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