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Even though many areas of Capitol Hill have been gentrifi ed, Sarah Lenti’s neighbors were still a little surprised to see a Rolls-Royce parked outside as she “toasted” her new home with friends on October 28. The “Roller” wasn’t hers of course. It was British Ambassador Sir David and Lady Manning’s posh conveyance.

Lenti hosted the “Come as you are, be of good cheer” fete for the many pals she’d made while working as a fundraiser for both of President Bush’s presidential campaigns. Guests included Bridge Colby, Richard Wolff and Richard Leiby, along with mentors Fran Townsend, Reuben Jeff rey, Jack Oliver and Steve Elemendorf. Lenti’s boss of four years, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Rsvp’d yes, but was probably a little busy given that Scooter Libby’s indictment had been announced only a few hours before.

Reuben Jeffery, Sarah Lenti, Jack Oliver, British Amb. Sir David Manning and Robin Jeffery

Joseph Konzelmann and Adrianna Archer
Patrick and Christa Jourvan

Mary Bush and Lady Manning
John M. Townsend, Nova Daly and Frances Frago Townsend



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