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Opening the Gates of Po wer

Nancy Reynolds Bagley

The A-List, Gatekeepers, Power, Charity, Afghanistan … Oscar winners. Not only running themes this issue, but also topics about which our cover subjects, Laura Bush, Condoleezza Rice and Michael Douglas are well-versed. When our friend Rima Al- Sabah told us about the benefit dinner she was hosting with the Kuwait- America Foundation for UNICEF, we jumped at the chance to cover it. But that wasn't easy. Our photographer took only one shot of the three award winners before Mrs. Bush asked Michael Douglas if he would like to stand between her and the Secretary of State. Michael gracefully obliged (who says no to the First Lady?). I instantly thought, "Does protocol allow us to run that as our cover photo?" Luckily, the one picture we did take with Mrs. Bush in the middle saved us from that choice…

….And choices are something we have a lot of in Washington. Which school should our kids attend? Federal in Georgetown or downtown PN Hoffman loft? Café Milano or CityZen? The Washington National Opera Golden Gala or the National Gallery of Art (or both)? All choices… and choices require the help of someone who is "connected." This issue, we delve into the subject of Washington's facilitators and "gatekeepers," both the obvious and not so obvious. (In advance, I'd like to apologize for leaving the city's most useful gatekeepers off the list: parking attendants. You were on until two days before we went to press. I swear I was only in that spot for one hour!)

A List for April
Gatekeepers and meter maids aside, true power lies in the hands of the A-List. In Washington, as in Los Angeles, we love our celebrities: the President, First Lady, Placido Domingo, the Frists, Vernon and Ann Jordan—the list goes on. To find out who's in this year's, see page 54. We also explore social power in the "WL Zeitgeist Roundtable" with Kevin Chaffee, Chuck Conconi and Roxanne Roberts. Speaking of "A-List," Michael Douglas wasn't the only Hollywood star in town recently—Alec Baldwin was advocating on the Hill two days before Jessica Simpson. Read more about Hollywood on the Hill on page 42. And on our new back page feature, "This Town," mystery columnist Michael Strange takes a funny shot at the parallels between L.A. and D.C.

Power Look
In "Accessory to Power" we show you how to fashionably make your mark… it's all about the bag! Cars are power symbols, too. In this month's "What's Hot" we show how to match yours with the right timepiece. If you can spend $200,000 for a matching Bentley Continental GT and Breitling Bentley watch set, turn to the "Financial Roundtable" to hear what top wealth management experts Edward J. Mathias, Steve Thormahlen, Lawrence P. Fisher and Neil Folger have to say about investing your $30 million…

Homeward Bound
In our Embassy Row feature, we meet Colombian Ambassador Andrés Pastrana and his wife Nohra (a warm thanks to both for opening up their home to WL), and in "Over the Moon," columnist Vicki Moon keeps us abreast of comings and goings in the Hunt Country and Middleburg.

Events, Balls and Galas
This month WL was proud to serve as the exclusive magazine sponsor for the Best Friends benefit and the Washington National Opera's 50th Anniversary Golden Gala, which was truly a glittering affair. And mark your calendar for these future WL-sponsored fetes: The Phillips Collection Gala on April 7th, the Corcoran Ball on April 21st, and the Vital Voices benefit on April 27th (with co-chairs Senators Kay Bailey Hutchinson and Hillary Rodham Clinton and special guests Sally Field, Julia Ormond, Christiane Amanpour, Elizabeth Cheney, Diane von Furstenberg and Lisa Ling.) And you should plan now if you want to attend the Mosaic Gala on May 9th with special guest Queen Raina of Jordan; the Shakespeare Theater Will Awards on May 13th; the Charity Works 2006 100 Point Vintage Wine Event on May 19th; and the Washington Ballet's "Beatles Ball" on June 1st. So enjoy… and if you happen to be a gatekeeper, remember, it's okay to leave the door open sometimes…

Nancy Reynolds Bagley

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