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Capitol Club's Sinatra Soiree
'Ol Blue Eyes and Men in Ugly Pants

How can you possibly improve upon the winning formula that the Capital Club has created with its Sinatra Soiree? Take a slow month in Washington (July), have your membership (100 males) send invitations to every cute girl they know, bring in a great Sinatra cover band (Swingtown), make sure there are plenty of bartenders on hand at the Lafayette Center, and watch the fun unfold until the wee hours.

On July 17th, the Capital Club hosted 800 of its closest friends for its 11th Annual Sinatra Soiree. Two thirds of the attendees were female, decked out in everything from slinky cocktail dresses to Lilly Pulitzer prints, while Capital Club members came dressed in what has become de rigueur Summer Sinatra Soiree attire, ugly pants. Apparently, the answer to the question, "what does it take to attract the city's most beautiful young women?" is "ugly pants."

1) Niki Eimers and Jim Ketterer 2) Nate Davis, Josh Overbeigh, Megan Taormino, Christopher Filbrook, Erin Tario, Caroline Butts, Mat Lapinsky, and Margaret Bass 3) Ann Ballenger and Patrick McConnell 4) Michelle Whitty and Tom Fussaro 5) Penny Parker and Heyward McAlpin 6) Amanda Allen and John Rivera-Dirks 7) Andrew Coats, Shannon Flaherty and Jeff Porter 8) Jennie Derge, Berkley Etheridge, and Katherine Martin 9) Kirsten Hencken and Erich Fischer 10) Couple dancing

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