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Children's Hearing and Speech Center Barbecue
Firing Up at Villa Firenze

What do April, May and early June showers bring? Floral pants?? They were spotted on a number of the mostly male guests at the Children's Hearing and Speech Center's annual country barbecue (along with umbrellas and rain gear). Despite cloudy skies, guests at the June 4th benefit, held on the grounds of new Italian ambassador Sergio Vento's residence, Villa Firenze, enjoyed the party.

Children's Hearing and Speech Center are pioneers in the development of Universal Newborn Hearing Screening Programs. Hot stuff!


1) Amy Patel, Susie Carlson, Adam Foulke, Ailsa Foulke & Burton Gray 2) Simon Jacobsen and Christine & John Arundel 3) Adam & Ailsa Foulke and Marla & Richard Moroscak, Jr. 4) Marnie Deacon Kenney, Marci Sliman, Davina Sandground & Penny Wilson 5) Bruce Berry, Tony Miles & Katryna Carothers 6) Kweilen Kimmelman, Anthony Bruce, Woody Bolton & Bill Manger 7) Lyndsay White & Samantha Corrigan 8) Carrill McKenzie and Jim & Georgia Shallcross 9) Abigail Adams-Greenway & Dot Proctor 10) Keith Cole, Deborah Lowham & Jamie Peva 11) Peter Anthony and Cathy & Kevin Lorenz 12) Cynthia Bolton, Laurie Talcott & Victoria Stelljes

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