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City Dance Benefit
Hot Dancers, Cold Drinks

Who says no one stays in Washington in August? A last minute invitation brought out over 150 people to support City Dance at the Washington Terrace Hotel on August Çg.

An invite promising hot hostesses, warm nights, cool people and cold drinks proved correct as WL's Jayne Sandman and Neiman Marcus PR guru Patti Cumming welcomed guests on a steamy summer night with treats from Chef Jamie Leeds of 15 ria.

DJ Malik kept the crowd entertained with music while bartenders doled out signature drinks like Blueberry Smash and Albino Cosmo.

1) Joyce Said and Caleb Ward 2) Tracy Dry, Jayne Sandman, and Sarah Loague 3) Patti Cumming and Thomas Cook 4) Dan Herlihy and David Keller 5) Faye Miles and Kevin Roots 6) L-Lt.Col. Christopher Funkhauser, Alex Powers, Michael D. Laba, and Dr. Wendell G. Miles 7) Adrien Hanger and Ryan Maher 8) Banquet chef James Balster 9) Cheryl Masri, Lisa Bartolomei, and Grace Bender 10) John Henshaw and Cecile Abeille 11) Mattew Deibert and Maria Morukian 12) Outdoor patio at the Washington Terrace Hotel 13) Tara McNamara, Tamara Linderman, and Carrie Foster

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