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Wilma Bernstein

Top: Maxine Isaacs, James Johnson, and Wilma Bernstein.
Bottom: Rhoda Glickman, Debbie Dingell, and Dan Glickman in Washington Life February 2008 issue
Top: Maxine Isaacs, James Johnson, and Wilma Bernstein. Bottom: Rhoda Glickman, Debbie Dingell, and Dan Glickman
Appeared in: PRE-HONORS BRUNCH on February 2008

Stuart Bernstein and Wilma Bernstein in Washington Life June 2007 issue
Stuart Bernstein and Wilma Bernstein
Appeared in: WL Sponsored on June 2007

Wilma Bernstein, Georgette Mosbacher and Stuart Bernstein in Washington Life February 2007 issue
Wilma Bernstein, Georgette Mosbacher and Stuart Bernstein
Appeared in: Thoughts on a job on February 2007

Wilma Bernstein, Diane Wolf and Norma Tiefel in Washington Life November 2006 issue
Wilma Bernstein, Diane Wolf and Norma Tiefel
Appeared in: Washington National Opera Opening Night on November 2006

Stuart Bernstein and Wilma Bernstein, David Bradley, Grega Daly, Michael Chertoff and Meryl Chertoff, Huda Farouki and Samia Farouki, Kevin Chaffee, Hillary Rodham Clinton, James Billington and Marjorie Billington,  William N. Cafritz and Buffy Cafritz in Washington Life September 2006 issue
Stuart Bernstein and Wilma Bernstein, David Bradley, Grega Daly, Michael Chertoff and Meryl Chertoff, Huda Farouki and Samia Farouki, Kevin Chaffee, Hillary Rodham Clinton, James Billington and Marjorie Billington, William N. Cafritz and Buffy Cafritz
Appeared in: COVER STORY WL'S ANNUAL 100 MOST INVITED on September 2006

BJudy Black, Charlie Black, Taylor Ensenat,
Donald Ensenat and Wilma Bernstein in Washington Life September 2006 issue
BJudy Black, Charlie Black, Taylor Ensenat, Donald Ensenat and Wilma Bernstein
Appeared in: Farewell to the Dutch Ambassador on September 2006

Wilma Bernstein, Amb. Stuart Bernstein and Anita McBride in Washington Life Summer 2006 issue
Wilma Bernstein, Amb. Stuart Bernstein and Anita McBride
Appeared in: Jordanian Amb. Karim Kawar's Birthday Party on Summer 2006

Wilma and Stuart Bernstein in Washington Life April 2006 issue
Wilma and Stuart Bernstein

 in Washington Life February 2006 issue

Appeared in: Aspen Living on February 2006

Wilma Bernstein in Washington Life October 2005 issue
Wilma Bernstein
Appeared in: Edmond J. Safra Lodge at NIH Dedication on October 2005

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