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Willee Lewis

Willee Lewis and Britsh Amb. Sir Nigel Sheinwald in Washington Life April 2008 issue
Willee Lewis and Britsh Amb. Sir Nigel Sheinwald
Appeared in: ESU CELEBRATION City Tavern Club on April 2008

Willee Lewis and Aniko Schott in Washington Life Holiday 2006 issue
Willee Lewis and Aniko Schott
Appeared in: WL's Born to Shop on Holiday 2006

 	Stefania Conrad, Willee Lewis and Bitsey Folger in Washington Life Holiday 2006 issue
Stefania Conrad, Willee Lewis and Bitsey Folger
Appeared in: Young Concert Artists on Holiday 2006

Lila Castellaneta, Willee Lewis, John Mason, Prince Idris Abdallah Al-Senussi and Ricardo Ernst in Washington Life Summer 2006 issue
Lila Castellaneta, Willee Lewis, John Mason, Prince Idris Abdallah Al-Senussi and Ricardo Ernst
Appeared in: Isabel Ernst's Birthday Party on Summer 2006

Robert Craft, Finnish Amb. Jukka Valtasaari and Willee Lewis in Washington Life April 2006 issue
Robert Craft, Finnish Amb. Jukka Valtasaari and Willee Lewis
Appeared in: 75th Anniversary of the Royal Ballet on April 2006

Willee Lewis, Mathew Hastings, Danielle Canfield and Thomas Canfield in Washington Life March 2006 issue
Willee Lewis, Mathew Hastings, Danielle Canfield and Thomas Canfield
Appeared in: The Anne Bujon educational initiative benefit dinner on March 2006

Ann Johnson, Linda Sonnenreich, Willee Lewis
and Becky Gonzales in Washington Life February 2006 issue
Ann Johnson, Linda Sonnenreich, Willee Lewis and Becky Gonzales
Appeared in: Holiday Lunch Honoring Cabinet Spouses on February 2006

Willee Lewis in Washington Life February 2006 issue
Willee Lewis
Appeared in: Contributors on February 2006

Katherine Vernot-Jonas and Willee Lewis in Washington Life October 2005 issue
Katherine Vernot-Jonas and Willee Lewis
Appeared in: Giselle Theberges Fall Lunch on October 2005

Graham Wisner and Willee Lewis in Washington Life September 2005 issue
Graham Wisner and Willee Lewis
Appeared in: The Opera Ball on September 2005

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