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Tim Russert

Al Neuharth, Tim Russert, and Robert Novak in Washington Life May 2008 issue
Al Neuharth, Tim Russert, and Robert Novak
Appeared in: NEWSEUM OPENING RECEPTION The Newseum on May 2008

Jeff Zucker, Tim Russert, and Steve Capus at the Meet the Press
60th Anniversary party at the Newseum. (Photo by Tony Powell) in Washington Life February 2008 issue
Jeff Zucker, Tim Russert, and Steve Capus at the Meet the Press 60th Anniversary party at the Newseum. (Photo by Tony Powell)
Appeared in: Pollywood on February 2008

Tim Russert and Bob Dole in Washington Life February 2008 issue
Tim Russert and Bob Dole
Appeared in: MEET THE PRESS 60TH ANNIVERSARY on February 2008

Ted Koppel and Tim Russert
 in Washington Life February 2008 issue
Ted Koppel and Tim Russert
Appeared in: on February 2008

 in Washington Life December 2007 issue

Appeared in: MEDIA SPOTLIGHT The History Boys on December 2007

Tim Russert, Vernon Jordan, Frank Fahrenkophf Jr., Bob Johnson, Dan Glickman, P. Wesley Foster, Jr. Debra Lee and Steve Case in Washington Life May 2007 issue
Tim Russert, Vernon Jordan, Frank Fahrenkophf Jr., Bob Johnson, Dan Glickman, P. Wesley Foster, Jr. Debra Lee and Steve Case
Appeared in: The POWER 100 on May 2007

Tim Russert in Washington Life March 2007 issue
Tim Russert
Appeared in: The a list on March 2007

 in Washington Life Holiday 2006 issue

Appeared in: 2007 SOCIAL LIST on Holiday 2006

Jamie Gorelick, Tim Russert, Lance Morgan and Richard Waldhorn in Washington Life October 2006 issue
Jamie Gorelick, Tim Russert, Lance Morgan and Richard Waldhorn
Appeared in: Chris Matthews' Anniversary Party on October 2006

Finlay Lewis, John and Maureen Sweeney, Tim Russert,Maureen Orth and Elizebeth Drew in Washington Life September 2006 issue
Finlay Lewis, John and Maureen Sweeney, Tim Russert,Maureen Orth and Elizebeth Drew
Appeared in: Queen Elizabeth II's Birthday on September 2006

Susan Harreld, Tim Russert and Michael Harreld in Washington Life November 2005 issue
Susan Harreld, Tim Russert and Michael Harreld
Appeared in: Nationals Diamond Gala on November 2005

Tim Russert, Gordon Peterson and Mark Shields in Washington Life September 2005 issue
Tim Russert, Gordon Peterson and Mark Shields
Appeared in: Around Town on September 2005

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