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Svetlana Ushakov

Russian Amb. Yuri Ushakov and Svetlana Ushakov in Washington Life March 2008 issue
Russian Amb. Yuri Ushakov and Svetlana Ushakov
Appeared in: DE BEERS SPARKLING DINNER The Lindens on March 2008

 in Washington Life December 2007 issue

Appeared in: DIPLOMATIC DANCE From Russia with rum on December 2007

Russia Amb. Yuri Ushakov and his wife Svetlana Ushakov in Washington Life November 2007 issue
Russia Amb. Yuri Ushakov and his wife Svetlana Ushakov
Appeared in: Ambassadors Ball on November 2007

Svetlana Ushakov in Washington Life March 2007 issue
Svetlana Ushakov
Appeared in: The a list on March 2007

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