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Robert Lehrman

Bill Paley and Robert Lehrman in Washington Life April 2008 issue
Bill Paley and Robert Lehrman
Appeared in: WASHINGTON PROJECT FOR THE ARTS BENEFIT AUCTION The Katzen Center on April 2008

Robert Lehrman and Polly Kraft in Washington Life November 2007 issue
Robert Lehrman and Polly Kraft
Appeared in: polly_kraft_art_opening on November 2007

Aimee Lehrman and Robert Lehrman in Washington Life June 2007 issue
Aimee Lehrman and Robert Lehrman
Appeared in: WL Sponsored on June 2007

Sharon and Bruce Bradley, Aimee Lehrman and Connie Carter and Susan Colby Robert Lehrman, and Mai Abdo and Jim Abdo in Washington Life February 2006 issue
Sharon and Bruce Bradley, Aimee Lehrman and Connie Carter and Susan Colby Robert Lehrman, and Mai Abdo and Jim Abdo
Appeared in: The Washington Ballet Nutty or Nice Bash on February 2006

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