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Michael Allen

Michael Allen and Grace Koh in Washington Life March 2008 issue
Michael Allen and Grace Koh
Appeared in: U2 3D AFTER PARTY Sequoia on March 2008

Michael Allen in Washington Life February 2008 issue
Michael Allen
Appeared in: THE YOUNG AND THE GUEST LIST on February 2008

 in Washington Life June 2007 issue

Appeared in: MEDIA SPOTLIGHT on June 2007

Michael Feldman, Michael Allen, Philippe Reines and Jeremy Bash in Washington Life April 2007 issue
Michael Feldman, Michael Allen, Philippe Reines and Jeremy Bash
Appeared in: WL Party on April 2007

Lane Luskey, Mary Pat Lawrence, Michael Allen and Katelin Dial in Washington Life April 2007 issue
Lane Luskey, Mary Pat Lawrence, Michael Allen and Katelin Dial
Appeared in: WL Party on April 2007

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