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Lorraine Wallace

Laurie Monahan and Lorraine Wallace in Washington Life May 2007 issue
Laurie Monahan and Lorraine Wallace
Appeared in: Re-potting Party on May 2007

Chris and Lorraine Wallace with Steve Wyatt in Washington Life February 2007 issue
Chris and Lorraine Wallace with Steve Wyatt
Appeared in: Thoughts on a job on February 2007

Dave Pollin, Roxanne Roberts, Amy Argetsinger, Condoleezza Rice, Tony Snow, Ann Nitze, Jay Rockefeller and Sharon Rockefeller, Colin Powell, Chris Wallace and Lorraine Wallace in Washington Life September 2006 issue
Dave Pollin, Roxanne Roberts, Amy Argetsinger, Condoleezza Rice, Tony Snow, Ann Nitze, Jay Rockefeller and Sharon Rockefeller, Colin Powell, Chris Wallace and Lorraine Wallace
Appeared in: COVER STORY WL'S ANNUAL 100 MOST INVITED on September 2006

Grace Bender, Barbara Harrison, Mary Haft and Lorraine Wallace in Washington Life Summer 2006 issue
Grace Bender, Barbara Harrison, Mary Haft and Lorraine Wallace
Appeared in: Grace Bender's 60th Birthday on Summer 2006

Lorraine Wallace and Chris Wallace in Washington Life June 2006 issue
Lorraine Wallace and Chris Wallace
Appeared in: MEDIA SPOTLIGHT on June 2006

Jim Free, Lorraine Wallace, Remick Smothers and Anne Free in Washington Life November 2004 issue
Jim Free, Lorraine Wallace, Remick Smothers and Anne Free
Appeared in: Around Town on November 2004

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