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John Cecchi

Carlos, John, Antonio, and Enrico Cecchi in Washington Life April 2008 issue
Carlos, John, Antonio, and Enrico Cecchi
Appeared in: UNDER THE SAME MOON AFTER PARTY Mate Lounge Georgetown on April 2008

John Cecchi and Amanda Carpenter in Washington Life March 2008 issue
John Cecchi and Amanda Carpenter
Appeared in: THE CAPITOL MOVEMENT PROJECT FUNDRAISER Teatro Goldoni on March 2008

John Cecchi in Washington Life February 2008 issue
John Cecchi
Appeared in: THE YOUNG AND THE GUEST LIST on February 2008

John Cecchi and Ray Regan in Washington Life April 2007 issue
John Cecchi and Ray Regan
Appeared in: WL Party on April 2007

John Cecchi and Patrick Rhodes join Norman Dreyfuss and young actor Adrian Alonso at the La Misma Luna après premiere party. in Washington Life March 2007 issue
John Cecchi and Patrick Rhodes join Norman Dreyfuss and young actor Adrian Alonso at the La Misma Luna après premiere party.
Appeared in: POLLYWOOD WL on March 2007

John Cecchi and Matt Kaiser in Washington Life Holiday 2006 issue
John Cecchi and Matt Kaiser
Appeared in: Paul Wharton's Birthday on Holiday 2006

 in Washington Life October 2006 issue

Appeared in: Ashley Taylor and Hadley Gamble's Birthday on October 2006

John Cecchi
and his mother Mercedes Cecchi in Washington Life September 2006 issue
John Cecchi and his mother Mercedes Cecchi
Appeared in: Washington National Opera Ball on September 2006

Keri Ann Meslar, John Cecchi and Katherine Kennedy in Washington Life Summer 2006 issue
Keri Ann Meslar, John Cecchi and Katherine Kennedy
Appeared in: WASHINGTON BALLET BEATLES BALL on Summer 2006

John Cecchi and friend in Washington Life Summer 2006 issue
John Cecchi and friend
Appeared in: THE WILL AWARDS with Kevin Spacey on Summer 2006

Wesley Fricks, John Cecchi, Ray Regan and Dr Richard Ferraro in Washington Life March 2006 issue
Wesley Fricks, John Cecchi, Ray Regan and Dr Richard Ferraro
Appeared in: Celebrating the Release of the Young & the Guest List on March 2006

Osmar Nunez and John Cecchi in Washington Life February 2006 issue
Osmar Nunez and John Cecchi
Appeared in: Washington Life 2006 Kick-off party on February 2006

Jennifer Cheadle, Chuck Ghoorah, Shannon Brewer, John Cecchi and Nancy Margaret Rey in Washington Life December 2005 issue
Jennifer Cheadle, Chuck Ghoorah, Shannon Brewer, John Cecchi and Nancy Margaret Rey
Appeared in: on December 2005

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