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Jean Marie Fernandez

JEAN MARIE AND RAUL FERNANDEZ in Washington Life June 2007 issue
Appeared in: Wealth List on June 2007

Jean Marie Fernandez, Cindy Jones, Anna Parisi- Trone, Ann Kane and Karen Donatteli in Washington Life November 2006 issue
Jean Marie Fernandez, Cindy Jones, Anna Parisi- Trone, Ann Kane and Karen Donatteli
Appeared in: Chanel and Saks at the French Residence on November 2006

Jean Marie Fernandez and Estee Portnoy in Washington Life September 2006 issue
Jean Marie Fernandez and Estee Portnoy
Appeared in: CONNOISSEUR 100 POINTS FOR CHARITY on September 2006

Jean Marie Fernandez and Raul Fernandez in Washington Life June 2006 issue
Jean Marie Fernandez and Raul Fernandez
Appeared in: VITAL VOICES on June 2006

Carolina Saez, Cindy Kim, Mal Chung and Jean Marie Fernandez at a Wls party, 2003 in Washington Life September 2005 issue
Carolina Saez, Cindy Kim, Mal Chung and Jean Marie Fernandez at a Wls party, 2003
Appeared in: Classic WASHINGTON LIFE on September 2005

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