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Giselle Theberge

Diane Holman and Giselle Theberge in Washington Life May 2007 issue
Diane Holman and Giselle Theberge
Appeared in: Re-potting Party on May 2007

Bill Morouey, Giselle Theberge, Tracy Mullin and John Jeppson in Washington Life Holiday 2006 issue
Bill Morouey, Giselle Theberge, Tracy Mullin and John Jeppson
Appeared in: MaxMara Opening on Holiday 2006

Giselle Theberge with Pamela and Andrew Jacovides in Washington Life November 2006 issue
Giselle Theberge with Pamela and Andrew Jacovides
Appeared in: WASHINGTON LIFE'S 15TH ANNIVERSARY PARTY on November 2006

Giselle Theberge and John Jeppson in Washington Life June 2006 issue
Giselle Theberge and John Jeppson
Appeared in: CORCORAN BALL on June 2006

 in Washington Life April 2006 issue

Appeared in: "The Mommy Wars" Book Party on April 2006

John Jeppson and Giselle Theberge Jeppson with Madame Suzanne Blickenstorfer and Swiss Amb. Christian Blickenstorfer in Washington Life February 2006 issue
John Jeppson and Giselle Theberge Jeppson with Madame Suzanne Blickenstorfer and Swiss Amb. Christian Blickenstorfer
Appeared in: Renwick Artrageous on February 2006

Giselle Theberge and Sandy Langdon in Washington Life October 2005 issue
Giselle Theberge and Sandy Langdon
Appeared in: Giselle Theberges Fall Lunch on October 2005

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