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Fariba Jahanbani

Deborah Epstein, Sheila Johnson, and Fariba Jahanbani in Washington Life March 2008 issue
Deborah Epstein, Sheila Johnson, and Fariba Jahanbani
Appeared in: CARTIER CARE DINNER Cartier Chevy Chase on March 2008

Fariba and Reza Jahanbani with Jane Arraf in Washington Life February 2008 issue
Fariba and Reza Jahanbani with Jane Arraf
Appeared in: OASIS OF HOPE DINNER on February 2008

 in Washington Life June 2007 issue

Appeared in: FEATURES - Financial Round Table on June 2007

Fariba Jahanbani, Mary Apick and Shamim Jawad at Cartier in Washington Life Holiday 2006 issue
Fariba Jahanbani, Mary Apick and Shamim Jawad at Cartier
Appeared in: PERFORMING ARTS on Holiday 2006

Fariba Jahanbani with Shaista and Ray Mahmood in Washington Life September 2006 issue
Fariba Jahanbani with Shaista and Ray Mahmood
Appeared in: CARTIER HOSTS PETRA NEMCOVA on September 2006

Fariba Jahanbani and Carol Margaret Randolf at Cartier in Washington Life June 2006 issue
Fariba Jahanbani and Carol Margaret Randolf at Cartier
Appeared in: Chevy Chase Collection Opening on June 2006

Mary Apick and Fariba Jahanbani in Washington Life May 2006 issue
Mary Apick and Fariba Jahanbani
Appeared in: Ayenda Afghan Children Initiative with the "Kite Runner" on May 2006

Farah Atassi, Fariba Jahanbani and Roya Kingdom in Washington Life February 2006 issue
Farah Atassi, Fariba Jahanbani and Roya Kingdom
Appeared in: Washington Life 2006 Kick-off party on February 2006

Fariba Jahanbani and Olivier Moingeon in Washington Life February 2006 issue
Fariba Jahanbani and Olivier Moingeon
Appeared in: Cartier Chevy Chase opening on February 2006

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