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Alyse Nelson Bloom

Angelina Jolie, Mariane Perl, Mary Yerrick, and Alyse Nelson Bloom in Washington Life May 2008 issue
Angelina Jolie, Mariane Perl, Mary Yerrick, and Alyse Nelson Bloom
Appeared in: 2008 VITAL VOICES GLOBAL LEADERSHIP AWARDS The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts on May 2008

From left to right, top row: Amanda Morton, Q. Smith, Michele Norris, Zain Verjee, Marry Yerrick, Carly Fiorina, Melanne Verveer, Gloria Reuben, Dina Haba Powell, Wolf Blitzer, and Alyse Nelson Bloom. Bottom row: Laura Alonso, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison in Washington Life May 2008 issue
From left to right, top row: Amanda Morton, Q. Smith, Michele Norris, Zain Verjee, Marry Yerrick, Carly Fiorina, Melanne Verveer, Gloria Reuben, Dina Haba Powell, Wolf Blitzer, and Alyse Nelson Bloom. Bottom row: Laura Alonso, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison
Appeared in: MEET THE AWARDEES on May 2008

Vital Voices President Alyse Nelson Bloom with Fern Holland Awardee Mariane Pearl in Washington Life May 2008 issue
Vital Voices President Alyse Nelson Bloom with Fern Holland Awardee Mariane Pearl
Appeared in: VOICES OF EMPOWERMENT on May 2008

Alyse Nelson Bloom and Sonnie Dockser in Washington Life April 2008 issue
Alyse Nelson Bloom and Sonnie Dockser
Appeared in: on April 2008

Diane von Furstenberg and Alyse Nelson Bloom in Washington Life June 2006 issue
Diane von Furstenberg and Alyse Nelson Bloom
Appeared in: VITAL VOICES on June 2006

Alyse Nelson Bloom and Laura Schiller
 in Washington Life December 2005 issue
Alyse Nelson Bloom and Laura Schiller
Appeared in: Girls Night Out at Muleh on December 2005

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