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The Contemporaries of The Phillips Collection
Summer Swing on the Seine

During the summer, D.C.'s young art aficionados convened at the Embassy of France to benefit thePhillips Collection. A group of VIPs excited their palates in an organized preparty winetasting. Latereveryone swung to sounds of the Eric Felten Jazz Orchestra. The Phillips Contemporaries, a group of themuseum's supporters in their 20s and 30s, regularly organize special programs to promote artappreciation, as well as sponsor educational programs and exhibits at the museum.

Co-Chairs: Anne Carey, and Adam Carter

Event Co-Chairs: Denise Grant, and Courtney Pardue

Scene & Heard
With Christian Lacroix's name behind the decor, it should come as no surprise that thedetails were nothing short of perfection. The façade of the residence was dramaticallylit as guests entered through plush red velvet drapery. Once inside, beautifulcandelabras flickered near stunning opera ball gowns prominently displayed throughout theinterior. Even a dainty chocolate evening slipper brimming with fresh fruit, sat perchedupon the dessert table. How ever could the hard-working designer recoup from such anextraordinary feat? Guests say Lacroix had some fun of his own -cutting a rug on the dancefloor.

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Anne De Dios & Monica Testa


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