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Working Dinner for
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak
A Power Dinner with a Dash of Fun

Ehud Barak's first official visit to Washington as the new Prime Minister of Israel was marked by anoutdoor dinner for 350 guests on the White House South Lawn Pavilion. Entertainment provided by theUnited States Marine Orchestra set the stage for a fun and playful evening. Guests included JamesCarville with wife Mary Matalin, whom Clinton greeted with a smile, laughing as he posed for pictureswith his "supposed enemy." Other highlights of the evening included an enormous round of applause whenEhud Barak shook hands with Stan Greenberg, Bob Schrum, and James Carville, the driving forces behindhis recent defeat of former Prime Minister Netanyahu. Before dinner was served, President Clinton andPrime Minister Barak toasted each other, and took the opportunity to share their fondest memories of thelife of John F. Kennedy, Jr.

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Nava Barak


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