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Zero Halliburton Briefcase:
Do you have top-secret documents that require a briefcase that is both elegant andvirtually indestructible? We don’t either, but that is no excuse notto snatch up one of Zero Halliburton’s briefcases made of high-strengthaluminum. Not only remarkably strong and lightweight,it is also highly effective at dissipating heat and cold, perfectfor your laptop or other technological gadgets. The cases andluggage have also appeared in more movies than Kevin Bacon,including “Oceans 11,” “Mission: Impossible,” “Charlie’sAngels,” “Men in Black,” and “Traffic.” So many styles to choosefrom, but our favorite is the Premier Attaché in silver - $560.www.zerohalliburton.com

Segway Human Transporter:
After more than a decade of research, development and testing, the Segway HTis finally available. What is so great about the Segway, aside from the uniqueness ofthe experience? It allows riders to travel short distances in dense environments thatwould be prohibitive to other transportation devices. Its elegant design makes theSegway HT a part of you. Sensing subtle changes in your balance and respondingimmediately, it can balance in place, move forwards and backwards, and turnin place. Worried that you won’t be able to use it? The purchase of a Segway HTincludes a training session on its operation and features. The race to be the firstWashingtonian to own one is on. $5,000.www.segway.com
Marquis Private Jet Card:
As Donald Trump proved in his recent trip to D.C. for MichaelJordan’s 40th birthday bash, it’s no longer about what kind of car you pull up in…it’s aboutwhat kind of jet you have. As those who earn eight-digit salaries already know, maintaining aprivate jet is costly and laborious, with fueling, maintenance, flight crew, and hangar fees.Marquis Jets has the perfect solution at a (more) reasonable price. $109,000 buys you a25-hour Private Jet Card from Marquis Jet Partners, a company that resells shares in NetJets.You use it like a debit card and have access to jets at more than 5,000 North American andEuropean airports, with as little as 10 hours notice, making private air travel easier and moreaffordable. www.marquisjets.com

Roulette pocket watch:
Now you no longer have to guess what time it is, or what your lucky number is. Thisfully functional watch reflects not only the comeback of yourgrandfather’s pocket watch, but also the omnipresence of allthings related to casinos. Only ten years old, “Links ofLondon,” has made a worldwide presence for itself by combining sensible Britishdesigns with playful colors and fashions. $190.www.vivre.com.

The new BlackBerry 6750:
Dubbed the “crackberry” because owning one is highlyaddictive, this new model gives you the added flexibility of placing and receivingphone calls with its integrated speaker and microphone. So the next time youare put on hold while trying to make reservations or buy tickets, you cansimply pop on the speakerphone and put the phone down. Better yet, youcan plug in your headset and keep browsing the Internet. It also includesa thumb-operated trackwheel, easy-to-read screen, backlit keyboard,intuitive menu-driven interface and quick access to email, dual-bandphone, organizer, web applications, and SMS (that’s Short Messaging Service, thefeature that allows you to send text messages to other Blackberries and mostcell phones). All this technology has been packed into a tiny 5 oz. devicethat has made huge fans of Capitol Hill types and rap stars everywhere.www.blackberry.com

Men’s Spa Package:
Treat your man to Washington, D.C.’s premier destination formen’s fine grooming services and products. Located at 1745 L Street, N.W., theGrooming Lounge combines the comfort and atmosphere of a classic barbershopwith the advances of a modern health spa. Go for the deluxe package aptly named“The Capitol,” which includes a hot stone massage, cleansing face treatment, hotlather shave, executive manicure, executive foot treatment and shoeshine—all for$330. The Grooming Lounge also carries the region’s largest selection of upscalemen’s grooming products and gifts from handcrafted razors to exclusive men’s skinproducts.www.groominglounge.com
New Bentley Continental GT:
Not only is this the fastest road-goingBentley in the 84-year history of the company, but the newBentley Continental GT is also the fastest genuine four seat coupé inthe world, with a top speed in excess of 190 mph, and a 0–60 mphtime of 4.7 seconds. These top speeds are made available by the 6-litre,W12, twin-turbocharged engine, and its unique all-wheel drive system. Thefirst Continental GTs will be rolling out later this year, but with over 1,000deposits already taken in the U.S., eager customers should place orders now.$149,000 (MSRP).www.bentleymotors.com.


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