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Photographed by Anton Papich and Jeffrey Prehn, P2 Photographic
Once again, Washington Life Magazine is pleased to recognize ten local men in thesecond annual Saks Fifth Avenue and Washington Life Men of Substance and Style Awards.All of the men have distinguished themselves by exhibiting a personal commitment to thecommunity or making a substantial contribution to society.

Franco Nuschese
Franco Nuschese opened Café Milano in 1992, and it has been a sensation eversince. Plácido Domingo, Michael Jordan, ambassadors, Hollywood celebrities,and Washington’s most interesting and influential residents are all regularlyspotted at his Italian restaurant in Georgetown. In an industry whererestaurants come and go as often as the diplomats and celebrities that frequentthem, Café Milano has sustained an unprecedented level of success.

Its popularity is Nuchese’s due in no small part to his championing the manycharities that his patrons support. The first Knock Out Abuse dinner, which hassince grown into one of Washington’s largest fundraisers, was held at CaféMilano in 1994. Nuschese supports many other charities as well, includingArts for the Aging, the American Heart Association, Children’s National MedicalCenter, and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation.

Franco Nuschese was born in Minori, Italy on the Amalfi Coast, where he likesto vacation each summer. He has one son, Gianfranco.

Franco Nuschese photographed in the wine room at Café Milano wearing Dolce and Gabanna.

Jeong Kim
Jeong Kim came to the United States from Korea with his family at age 14. In 1982, he graduatedfrom the Whiting School at Johns Hopkins University after only three years, and then servedfor seven years as a nuclear submarine officer in the U.S. Navy.

Kim’s company, Yurie Systems, now part of the Optical Networking Group of telecom hardwaregiant Lucent Technologies, took root while Kim was still a nuclear submariner working at thethen-classified National Reconnaissance Office during the Gulf War. He was frustrated by the lagtime in the current communications network, and after leaving the Navy, wrote an algorithmto manage traffic and built switches to manage the information stream in fiber pipes, wirelessand satellite communications. They tried to sell it to the Government to manage satellite traffic,but instead it was Lucent who purchased the technology for $1.1 billion.

Almost immediately after the sale, Kim gave $1 million to his alma mater, Johns Hopkins, to fundfive engineering professorships, scholarships for talented students who could otherwise not afford aHopkins education, and a new engineering building at the Baltimore school. A year later, hegave $5 million to the University of Maryland’s engineering school and became the university’sfirst

multimillion-dollar donor. Friends of Kim’s remark that he gives quietly and anonymously todozens of non-profits in the Washington area. He donated $1 million to the Venture PhilanthropyPartners, a philanthropic investment organization started by his friend Mario Morino, which worksto improve the lives of children from low-income communities. Kim has also invested his cash incompanies headquartered around the Beltway, particularly biotech companies.

Among his many service commitments, Kim served on an eight-member PresidentialCommission on Review of U.S. Intelligence and as a member of the board of regents for theUniversity System of Maryland. He received The Golden Plate Award from the American Academyof Achievement for the significant difference in the world made through his achievements andthe Ellis Island Medal of Honor for exemplifying outstanding qualities in both his personal andprofessional life, while continuing to preserve the richness of his heritage.

Jeong Kim and his wife Cindy have two daughters, ages 9 and 12.

Jeong Kim photographed at the Corcoran Gallery of Art wearing Arnold Brant.
Art Monk
Perhaps best known to Washingtonians as #81, the record-breaking Redskin who led theteam to four Super Bowls, Art Monk has clearly established that there is much more to his lifethan winning football championships.

In 1983, he founded the Art Monk Football Camp that has graduated over 14,000 athletes,many currently playing at the college level. In 1993, he co-founded the Good SamaritanFoundation along with fellow Redskin Charles Mann, as a chance not only to give back tothe community, but also to change the image of our inner-city youth. The mission of theFoundation is to Prepare Youth for Leadership in the Community and the workplace. Thisgoal is achieved through the Student Training Opportunity Program (STOP), which providesyouth with the environment needed to equip them with the skills, training, and resourcesnecessary to compete successfully in society. The STOP program has achieved amazing growthand success over the years. It provides students with job-related skill workshops during the yearin preparation for their eight-week summer jobs, and offers after-school tutoring and mentoringprograms. Today GSF is a year-round program, serving over fifty high school students, four daysa week during the school year and five days a week during the summer.

In addition to his already impressive athletic and philanthropic endeavors, Art Monk is currentlyPresident of Monk & Mann Ventures, LLC, a three-year-old company, specializing in credit cardmanagement, Axia Merchant Services. Monk and his wife of 21 years, Desiree, have three childrenages 16 to 20, Monica, Danielle, and James, Jr.

Art Monk photographed at the Corcoran Gallery of Art wearing Armani Collezioni.
Daniel Singer
Daniel Singer is a physician and a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Public Health Serviceand Human Services. As a senior clinical advisor in the Office of Disease Prevention and HealthPromotion at the Department of Health and Human Services, Dr. Singer serves as a consultantto the Surgeon General and the Secretary of Health, providing scientific and clinical guidancefor the development of national health policy, including the President’s “Healthier U.S. Initiative.”Prior to his current position, Singer worked as an officer of the Epidemic Intelligence Service atthe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, where he conducted outbreak investigation, andwas a member of the team sent to New York to investigate the first outbreak of the West NileVirus. He has worked in multiple countries on four continents in both clinical and public healthcapacities. Singer is the recipient of the Secretary of Health and Human Service’s Award forDistinguished Service, and a commendation from the White House Medical Unit, where he served asa consultant. When asked about his professional goals for the future, he says that he intends towork to develop health policies that are politically and socially feasible while still being firmlyrooted in strong scientific evidence.

Singer’s philanthropic deeds began when he was a medical student

traveling to volunteerin countries abroad and learn about health in developing countries. He has worked in India,Tanzania, and the island of Montserrat, where he ran a clinic after a volcano destroyed the island’sonly hospital. Dr. Singer can now be found every Tuesday at Bread for the City Medical Clinic wherehe provides free care to DC’s underprivileged and uninsured citizens. He is committed tounderserved parts of the community and volunteers at several rehab houses and homeless shelters.

Daniel Singer, who resides on Capitol Hill, is very athletic and spends his free time snowboarding,playing soccer, scuba diving, and training in martial arts.

Daniel Singer photographed at Bread for the City Medical Clinic wearing a Ermengildo Zegna suit.
Peter Krogh
After graduating from Harvard University and the Fletcher School ofLaw and Diplomacy at Tufts University where he later became assistant deanand then associate dean, Professor Peter Krogh was chosen as a WhiteHouse fellow and special assistant to the Secretary of State. At the age of 32,he was appointed dean of Georgetown University’s Edmond A. Walsh School of Foreign Service.

During his 25 years in that job, Krogh was responsible for the creation of theGerman and European Studies program, the Center for Muslim-ChristianUnderstanding, the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, the Pew EconomicFreedom Fellows Program, and several other regional studies programs. Kroghhelped establish Georgetown’s Foreign Service School, as one of the premierschools of international relations in the world. He was also a founding father ofthe Association of Professional Schools of International Affairs, and establishedthe International Meeting of Deans and Directors of Academies of Diplomacy.Krogh has published extensively on the subject of foreign policy, and wasmoderator of the longest running PBS television program on foreign affairs,“American Interests” and later “Great Decisions,” which he also created.

Peter Krogh currently sits on the boards of several not-for-profit organizations,including the Foreign Policy Association, the locally-based Middle East Institute,and the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy. He is a senior associateat the Center for Strategic and International Studies, and has servedas the vice chairman of Meridian House International in Washington,D.C. He has received countless awards, including being named “One of 100Outstanding Young Educators,” the Peter F. Krogh Endowed Chair in Geopoliticsand Justice in International Affairs at Georgetown University, the AustrianCross of Honor for Science and Art, and an Emmy Award for the television show “World Beat.”

Peter Krogh photographed at the Huntington Hotelin San Francisco by Thomas J. Gibbons. He is wearing an Armani Collezioni suitand shirt, a Dolce & Gabbana tie, and Ferragamo shoes.
Marc Heyison

At the age of 29, Marc Heyison received the terrible news that his motherhad breast cancer. From then on, he committed himself to fighting the diseaseas a tribute to his mother, who survived. For the past ten years, Heyison hasdedicated his life to eradicating breast cancer, with the establishment of theGloria Heyison Breast Cancer Foundation and Men Against Breast Cancer (MABC),the first and only 501(c)3 organization that provides services to educate menon how to be effective caregivers when breast cancer strikes their families. Alongwith co-founder Stephen Peck, MABC has launched a national education platformto enlighten men on how to physically and emotionally support their lovedones who have been diagnosed with the illness, including a joint effort with theJohns Hopkins Breast Center to develop a program called “Survival Skills for Men.”

Heyison’s humanitarian contributions have led him to become a board sponsormember for “National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.” In 2001, he wasbestowed with the Thomas Jefferson Award from the American Institute, thehighest civilian volunteer award granted in the United States. That same year, hewas the recipient of WUSA’s “Nine Who Care”Award for outstanding communityservice. In 2000, Heyison was presented with the Columbia Hospital for Women’s

Outstanding Individual Commitment Award in the fight against breast cancer.

Marc Heyison is also the president and owner of Top Notch, Inc., a Maryland-based company that specializes in promotional products and apparel. As aformer Baltimore Orioles baseball player, he was elected to the George WashingtonUniversity Athletic Hall of Fame (where he went to undergraduate school). He isalso a member of the State of Maryland’s Cancer Consortium Community AgencyCommittee. Heyison recently proposed to his fiance, Tonya Brown, and they arecurrently planning their wedding.

Marc Heyison photographed at Poste Brasserie wearing Prada
Steny Hoyer

Congressman Steny H. Hoyer is now serving his12th term, as the representative of Maryland’s FifthCongressional District, making him the longest-servingMember of the U.S. House of Representatives fromSouthern Maryland in history. On November 14, 2002,Congressman Hoyer was unanimously elected to serveas the Democratic Whip, the second-ranking positionamong House Democrats. The magazine NationalJournal stated: “Congressional insiders roundly agreethat [Steny Hoyer] is a workhorse with the ability tofocus on getting a job done that is unmatched by manylawmakers.” Later that same year, The Washington Postcommented in an editorial: “Mr.Hoyer’s ability to getthings done in the House...is well-known.”

Congressman Hoyer is a senior member of theHouse Appropriations Committee, serving on threeSubcommittees, Labor, Health and Human Services,and Education, where he is a champion for educationand funding for the Class Size Reduction Initiative, HeadStart, and teacher training programs. He gained wideacclaim for guiding the Help America Vote Act to Housepassage and producing a House-Senate ConferenceReport that was signed into law by President Bush onOct. 29, 2002, which authorizes Federal funds to helpStates replace outdated and unreliable voting systems.It has been called the

most important piece of votinglegislation since the Voter’s Rights Act. CongressmanHoyer also shepherded the Americans With DisabilitiesAct to overwhelming approval in the House in 1990,and it was signed into law by President George H. W.Bush. He leads the fight to increase funding forimmunization and works to raise public awarenessabout the importance of immunizing children. Lastyear, he teamed up with actress Julia Roberts to drawnational attention to Rett Syndrome, a neurologicaldisorder occurring predominantly in girls.

Always a strong advocate for the Fifth District,Congressman Hoyer has preserved and fought for over27,000 new jobs for his district. He also works hard toprotect our natural resources. In addition to supportingevery major piece of environmental legislation whilein Congress, he co-sponsored the Chesapeake BayRestoration Act, providing funds to protect the Bay andits tributaries, and has championed efforts to replenishthe declining oyster population of the Bay and torestore the Potomac, Patuxent, and St. Mary’s Rivers.

He and his wife, the late Judith Pickett Hoyer, havethree daughters, Susan, Stefany and Anne; and fivegrandchildren, Judy, James Cleveland, Lauren, Matthew,and Alexa.

Steny Hoyer photographed at Vega Contemporary Furniture wearing Arnold Brant.
Warren Brown

After receiving dual degrees in law and publichealth from George Washington University, WarrenBrown started his career as a lawyer for the FederalGovernment. Increasingly dissatisfied with hiswork, while receiving constant praise for the cakesthat he routinely baked for friends and family, hebegan to rethink his career plans.

He took a six-week course at the DevelopmentCorporation of Columbia Heights in order to learnthe skills necessary to start his own business.After conducting some “industry research,” whichconsisted of tearing out the bakery listings in theyellow pages and driving around to investigateeach one, Brown decided there was a market forhis concept of a scratch-made sweet bakery. Heturned his one-bedroom apartment into a bakingheadquarters for two years, until he made the boldchoice to resign from his position as a governmentlawyer and embark full-time on a career as a baker.On March 30, 2002, CakeLove opened at 1506 U Street, N.W.

Brown has a strong sense of community, and is asupporter of the U Street Business Association. Hefrequently speaks on the topic of following yourdreams to achieve success at local schools andorganizations, including Cardozo High School,Brown Junior High School, and GeorgetownUniversity Law School. He also donates cakes tonumerous charity events throughout the area,including benefits for the Crossway Community,Washington Ballet, CultureFlux, and The Menof Substance and Style Awards. This February,he received an award from the McDonald’sFamily Restaurants of Greater Washington,D.C., as the Black History Maker of the Day for Entrepreneurship.

2003 promises to be an exciting year for WarrenBrown. In February, he appeared on “The OprahWinfrey Show” in a segment titled “The Courageto Follow a Dream.” In late spring, Brown plansto open Love Café directly across the street fromCakeLove. He hopes to feature live performing artsand hold film screenings for original works withfilmmakers, all to promote his belief in “intellectualcommerce” along U Street.

Warren Brown photographed outside of CakeLove wearing Arnold Brant, shoes by Prada.
Fabian Adrien Koss

Fabian Koss is the youth developmentcoordinator for the Inter-AmericanDevelopment Bank. He founded the ManyHats Institute in 1999, a non-profit, non-governmental organization dedicated toimproving conditions for children and youthworldwide. The name refers to the manyskills and interests that people possess, andthe organization’s goal is to utilize people’sdiverse “hats” to empower youth and providethem with the tools to become leaders in theircommunities and in their nations.

Among Many Hats’ accomplishments: InMay 2002, the Latin American AmbassadorsCommittee organized a concert featuringPlacido Domingo to benefit the victims of theearthquakes in El Salvador, raising over $50,000.In October 2002, together with the Embassyof, Many Hats helped organize a polo matchto assist Graham Children’s Hospital in BuenosAires, Argentina in rebuilding its emergency-care ward. In December 2002, it providedmatching funds ($10,000) for all ticket sales ofthe Saks Jandel Holiday Fashion Show to theRincones Dance Company’s Nina’s Kids Fund,which supports community outreach programs for children.

“Reach Your Peak,” which Koss co-founded withfriend Michael Davis, began as a subset of theMany Hats Institute two years ago,but quicklytook on a life of its own. The organization workswith many area schools and organizations,including the D.C. Police Boys & Girls Club, BellMulticultural High School, Cardozo High Schooland the McLean School of Maryland. Activitiesrelated to goal setting, education, fundraising,and volunteer service are all aimed at turningdreams into actions. Participating schools haveaccess to the Reach Your Peak curriculum andplanning guide, a series of mapped out lessonsand sample projects, as well as online tools.

Fabian Koss was born in Argentina and movedto New York when he was 2 years old. In thelittle free time that he has, he enjoys playingpolo at the Potomac Country Club.

Fabian Koss photographed at Sesto Senso wearing Armani Collezioni and Ferragamo Shoes.
Raul Fernandez

Raul Fernandez is a special advisor to General AtlanticPartners, a multi-billion dollar private equity investmentfirm focused exclusively on information technology,process outsourcing, and communications investmenton a global basis. He is also chairman emeritus ofDimension Data North America, part of Dimension DataHoldings, a $2.4 billion company that specializes inproviding IT solutions that enable businesses to betteroperate and communicate. In June 2001, DimensionData acquired Proxicom in a deal worth nearly $450million. Raul Fernandez founded Proxicom in 1991 with$40,000 of his personal savings. Under his leadership,the publicly-traded company evolved into a leadingglobal provider of sophisticated e-business solutions forFortune 500 companies.

In January 2000, Fernandez became a co-owners ofthree local sports teams, the Washington Capitals,the Washington Wizards, the Washington Mystics.He gave a nationally televised prime-time addressat the 2000 Republican National Convention inPhiladelphia. In December 2001, Fernandez was namedto the President ’s Council of Advisors on Science and Technology.

Fernandez serves on the board of directors of LizClaiborne, Critical Path and Dimension Data, as well asthe Children’s National Medical

Center, St. John’s CollegeHigh School, and Best Buddies International.

Fernandez is active in philanthropy and is a foundingmember of Venture Philanthropy Partners, anorganization committed to helping develop and definethe process of venture philanthropy, and increase thelevel and effectiveness of giving in the National Capitalregion. The Fernandez Foundation, started in 1998by he and his wife Jean-Marie, focuses on a holisticapproach to education in the Greater Washingtonarea. The Foundation supports existing efforts andfoundations including the Center City Consortium,which is composed primarily of Catholic grade schoolsin underdeveloped neighborhoods. Fernandez co-founded Venture Philanthropy Partners, with MarioMorino and Mark Warner, whose goals are to help buildcapacity and aid existing companies by providing bothmoney and expertise. Fernamdez believes that givingback to the community should be a part of everyone’sbusiness life.

Raul Fernandez resides in Bethesda with his wife JeanMarie, and daughter Sofia.

Raul Fernandez photographed in the Washington Capitals locker
roomwearing Hugo Boss and Ferragamo shoes.
Credits: Clothing and fittings by The Fifth Avenue Club of Saks Fifth Avenue, Tysons Galleria.Makeup by Klera Cahill. P2 Photographic can be found online atwww.p2photographic.com


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