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Gift Ideas for the Holidays

Pen Reader

For Those Who Want to
See What They Are Writing:

The Microvision “Pen Reader” is mini-size reading glasses that fit inside a ball-point pen.These unisex reading glasses come in five different strengths and the pen casing comes ina variety of styles. No more searching for your glasses and a pen to write with, andnow you can actually see what you are writing. Prices range from $49.95-99.95 and shipwithin 24 hours from their web site microvisionoptical.com


Armani candles

For the Georgetown Resident:
Given all the recent power outages, long-lasting designer candles might be the perfectholiday gift. Casa, Armani’s newly launched home line, has created candles that looklike lamps. These replaceable candles last for 30 hours and are perched on a metal base.For ordering information contact the Armani Casa boutique in New York at(212) 334-1271.


Royal Stylus

For the Man or
Woman Who Has Everything:

Now that everyone has a Palm Pilot, the only question is how to make yours the mostenvied. Montblanc introduces the Royal Stylus, with 41 diamonds, available instainless steel ($1,465), solid gold ($2,930), and solid platinum ($3,910), all three ofwhich cost far more than the Palm Pilot itself. Available at the Montblanc boutiquesat 1006 Connecticut Avenue and at Tysons II

Limited Edition Bell Helicopter

Sick of Beltway traffic?
The Neiman Marcus catalogue has the answer, with its Fantasy Gift, the Limited EditionBell Helicopter. Italian leather seats and sidewalls engulf you while your Motorola cellphone, two monitors that display flight information, and two computer outlets ensure thatyour commute will be a productive one. Of course, if you prefer to relax on your way intothe office there is a complete Entertainment Center with cabin speakers and a remotecontrol. It is only a fantasy for those without $6.7 million to spare. (877) 9NM-GIFT

Bill Amberg’s shearling papoose

For the Baby Who Has Everything:
This winter’s shearling trend should not be limited just to adults. Pamper yourself andyour baby with Bill Amberg’s shearling papoose. Shearling shoulder pads make this atreat for parents, while babies will enjoy its suede lining and warm shearling trim.Available at www.vivre.com for $435.

Triton Personal ATM

For Family Money Matters:
Looking for a way to monitor your children’s spending habits? The Triton Personal ATMhelps you avoid ATM fees and comes complete with 10 personalized ATM cards. You cancustomize the front display and your family will never have to worry about running to thebank again. FAO Schwartz does not provide the money to go inside, which is too bad; at$20,000, you may be needing some. For delivery arrangements, call (800) 232-7326.

Chanel snowboard

For the Fashion Conscious Snowboarder:
Chanel has combined with a leading snowboard manufacturer to create the season’s moststylish snowboard. With adjustable fastening, it’s a one size fits all accessory.The splashy Chanel logo and $1250 price tag ensures this limited edition snowboard islikely to turn up on this winter’s most exclusive slopes. Available atChanel boutiques, (202) 638-5055.

Brookstone’s sound therapy eye mask

For the Traveler Who Has Everything:
Brookstone’s sound therapy eye mask: It not only blocks out all that fluorescent airplanelight, but it features five tranquil sounds and allows you to listen to your favoriteCDs on your next cross-continental flight. Never again will a crying baby ruin your journey.Available at 6 area Brookstone stores and online at brookstone.com.

Louis Vuitton suitcase

For the Traveler
Who Hates to

This classic piece was originally created for Atlantic crossings, but is perfectly suitedfor airline travel as well. It allows space for hanging goods, shoe storage, a detachablesuitcase, and a seven-drawer bureau whose bottom two drawers can combine to form a hatbox.Carrying multiple bags is so 2001. Available at LouisVuitton in Fairfax Square, (703)506-9507.

Siemens 4215 cordless phone

Gadget and Electronics Lovers Anonymous:
The new Siemens 4215 cordless phone with digital answering machine has voice-operatedcontrols which allow users to place calls using simple commands spoken into the phone. Evenbetter, the voice announced Caller ID, which allows you to know who’s calling beforepicking up and without racing to your Caller ID box or your nearest handset. Coolnessquotient: an earlier version of this phone was featured on “Friends” this season.Available at www.my-siemens.com.


The massaging mouse pad

The massaging mouse pad
from Red Envelope promises massage therapy for the computer user, with two speeds thatinvigorate both the wrists and fingers, your favorite web surfer will be thankingyou all year long for this unique holiday present. Available for $20 at www.redenvelope.com.


Home robots are
now a reality

with Sharper Image’s RoboScout. The RoboScout can “see” through a surveillance camera, evenin the dark, and transmit color images to a screen on your wireless control center. It can“hear” with its microphones, and you can transmit through it to have conversations.RoboScout can hold up to two pounds on its arm, and use its extensive vocabulary to let youknow if you are placing too much on its tray. It will greet guests with yourpersonalized message and “monitor” an infant or sleeping child. When in “sentry” mode, ituses infrared sensors to detect motion and trigger a series of voice alerts;perfect for preventing kids from peeking at their presents too early. Need to see it withyour own eyes? You can purchase the RoboScout at Sharper Image stores includingGeorgetown Park Mall, Tysons
Galleria or online sharperimage.com,
for $899.95.