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by Mary K. Mewborn

Terri Robinson of AGS Realty makes headline news again. Earlier this year, she representedthe Clintons in the purchase of their home. Now Terri has teamed up with Guy Damecourt ofInsignia for what is the area's largest- ever private real estate transaction. Terri and Guy represented SheikHamad bin Jassim bin Jabar Al-Thani, a member of the oil-rich royal family of Qatar in the $16.5 millionsale of the estate known as Valley View Farm. The Georgian mansion situated on 17 acres at 1801Foxhall Road was sold to philanthropist Betty Brown Casey, the widow of Montgomery Countyreal-estate developer Eugene B. Casey.

Betty Casey, who has often made headline news herself, continues to warrant press coverage with thepurchase of this pricey record-breaking property. She has offered the estate as a gift to the District ofColumbia with the stipulation that it serve as the location for the construction of a mayoral mansion.Mrs. Casey was represented in her purchase by Diane Noble of Pardoe/ERA.

1800 35th Street N.W.
1800 35th Street N.W.

Still another historic home in Washington has been sold. The 1803 farmhouse and tavern wherethe Lewis and Clark expedition is believed to have begun, was sold by Norma Jean Noble for$800,000. The two-bedroom, one and one-half bath landmark is located at 1800 35th Street N.W.and had been purchased by Mrs. Noble just last year for $745,000. Jean Smith with RE/MAX CapitalProperties was both the listing and selling agent in the 2000 transfer, and again served as the listingagent in the most recent transaction. The new buyers are Sue Ellen and Mark Readinger, whomoved here from Chicago to work with a tech start-up company. The Readingers were representedby Nancy Taylor Bubes of Pardoe/ERA.

Also in the District, socialite Deborah Sigmund purchased 4611 Foxhall Crescent for $790,000 fromLinda Gibson and Roy J. Shanker. Gibson and Shanker, a utilities and natural resources consultant, nowresides somewhat coincidentally given his profession, on Burning Tree Road at number 9009 in Bethesda.

Pardoe realtor Camille Gemayel has sold the ten-year-old, five-bedroom house he owned at 5020Klingle Street, N.W. Pardoe's Judy Lewis listed the property, while Allison LaLand and HughOates, Jr., also with Pardoe, served as the selling agents. The new owners Eugene Adams, a citygovernment employee, and his wife Gina, the corporate vice president for government affairs withFedEx Corporation paid $889,000.

David Webster and Marguerite S. Owen recently sold to Reginald T. Stanley for $1.6 million2318 California Street. Considered to be "one of the best lawyers in America," David Webster is aformer president of the Bar Association of the District of Columbia and a trial lawyer with Caplin& Drysdale. Marguerite Owen is a General Counsel with the U.S. Department of Commerce.

175 River Park Drive
175 River Park Drive

Still another lawyer has parted with a D.C. property. Attorney William Green was assisted byWashington Fine Properties' listing agents Diane Fentress and Adaline Neely in the sale of 4875Loughboro Road N.W. to John Reilly and Margaret Warner. Jean Smith of RE/MAX representedthe buyers in the purchase of their new $1.2 million home which boasts five bedrooms and fourfireplaces. Meanwhile, Weichert realtor Penny Yerks, who recently won a regional award for the"Highest Resale Dollar Volume," got John and Margaret $ 1,875,000 for their previousresidence located at 175 River Park Drive in Great Falls, Virginia.Readers may recall that in 1984, John Reilly headed-up the VicePresidential selection process for Walter Mondale. Margaret Warneris the chief Washington correspondent with PBS's "NewsHour withJim Lehrer." The new owners of their former River Park Drive address arelawyer Terry Wingfield and his wife Fran.

In addition to 4875 Loughboro Road, Washington Fine Properties,who have made quite a name for themselves in the two years they have existed, has also recently listedand sold such prestigious old homes as the 1939, $1,171,130 house at 5112 Lowell Lane, N.W.; the1936, $1,850,000 house at 4515 Dexter Street, N.W.; and the 1941, $2,750,000 house at 4633Garfield Street, N.W. Not only is the new kid on the block getting big bucks for old bricks, butWashington Fine Properties is also expanding its horizons. The Sotheby's International affiliate isnow determined to be a powerhouse in Maryland as well, and to ensure its success, has hired top producersYasmin Abadian, Sharon Lazzare, Ruffin Maddox, and Colleen Cayton to man the newPotomac Village office.

Clearly, Maryland is fertile ground for a growing agency specializing in upscale properties. In thePotomac area, the sale price of 12628 Greenbriar Road was $1,500,000. The home, which had beenowned by George W. and M. P. Dunning, now belongs to S. N. and Daniel R. Wilkinson.

Another million-dollar property was sold to J. L. and Russell J. Semeraro by Martin A. and B. A.Blade who parted with their home at 14401 Pettit Way in Potomac, Maryland for $1,075,000. P. andDr. Surinder K. Arora, a dermatologist, have sold their home at 8801 Brickyard Road for$1,190,000 to Constance B. Davidson.

And for just under the million-dollar mark, M. J. and Antonio D. S. Franca bought 12510Bridgeton Drive from Hossein S. and B. S. Frooshani for $998,000.

In Chevy Chase, Henry Pampillonia and his wife Holly have bought a condominium at 5630Wisconsin Avenue in the newest of the three Parc Somerset buildings. They paid Joan Deangeli acool million for the condominium, having sold their previous residence at 9706 Beman WoodsWay in Bethesda to A.D. and Thomas Adamson for $900,000.

Also in the Potomac area, Rosenthal Companies, Inc. has transferred 3404 Taylor Streetto D. L. and Jeremy O. Brown, for $1,093,997. (The Browns had sold their old place at 3302Camalier Drive to Dana and Jeffery Macher for $655,000.)

In Bethesda, K. D. and John S. Walker sold 7101 Glenbrook Road to Sue Bailey for$1,150,000. As the former Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs, Dr. Bailey is the firstwoman ever to lead the U.S. military health system. In August of 2000, President Clinton appointedher Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over the objections ofSenator John McCain.

For $1.56 million, Colin Dyer is now the proud owner of 6710 Greentree Road. He boughtthe Bethesda property from B. H. and Wilfred L. Goodwyn, III, a partner in the Alexandria-basedinvestment management firm, Goodwyn, Long, and Black.

Also in Bethesda, Carol and Armando Chapelli have sold the house they owned at 5324 PortsmouthRoad, to M. H. K. and Alan R. Tank for $1.15 million. Dr. Chapelli is the CEO and founder ofWashington Consulting, a high-tech aerospace consulting company. However, he may be better knownin some circles as the publisher of El Tiempo Latino.

7804 Montvale Way
7804 Montvale Way

In McLean, Weichert's Penny Yerks, whose recent regional awards also include one for"Highest New Home Dollar Volume," is again making her mark with the sale of a $2,635,000property she listed for Mitchell, Best & Visnic, premier custom builders. The uniquely designed houseis located at 7804 Montvale Way in the recently developed gated community known as "TheReserve." The new owners, who took possession of the property at the end of March, have asked not tobe identified.

Elsewhere in McLean, Leslie J. Cloutier, an aviation-industry attorney with Morrison& Foerster LLP, and Leslie C.Livingston have sold the home theyowned at 655 Potomac River Road to Paul and Yvette Miskimin for$916,000. Paul Miskimin is president and CEO of BNFL, Inc., a nuclearmaterials handling company headquartered in Fairfax.

In McLean, 1303 Summerwood Court has been sold by Carol andCharles Triplett, a D.C. lawyer and partner in Mayer, Brown, and Platt.The new owners are Richard and Angelique Hunt, who purchased the property for$1,020,000.

In Fairfax County, Joel Maness, a senior vice president with Sunoco, has sold the home he and hiswife Deborah owned at 3144 Windsong Drive in Mount Vernon to Henry and Marlene Hubblefor $1,090,000.

Vice President Cheney and his wife Lynne have sold their three-bedroom townhouse in McLean toPresident Bush's former campaign manager Joe Allbaugh and his wife Diane. The Allbaughs boughtthe 2-story brick townhouse for $690,000. The Cheneys still own a home in Casper, Wyoming and a$1.35 million estate in McLean where they reportedly intend to build a 21,764 sq. ft. mansion.


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