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The Washington Opera's Annual Ball
Having a Ball

Two days after being officially declared the “National Opera” by Congress, the WashingtonOpera and its artistic director Placido Domingo celebrated in style. Held this past June, theOpera Ball is one of Washington’s most prestigious black-tie affairs, drawing a crowd ofleaders from the diplomatic, political, corporate, and arts communities. In keeping withtradition, the evening began with a number of intimate dinner gatherings, graciouslyhosted by the ambassadors of 29 nations. Guests reconvened later at the official residenceof the Ambassador of Japan and Mrs. Yanai, then danced the night away to the music ofNeal Smith and his Orchestra from Palm Beach. Though the new designation carries agreat deal of prestige, it unfortunately isn’t accompanied by additional federal funding. TheWashington Opera Ball remains the company’s largest fundraiser. The proceeds of whichhelp to offset ticket revenues in funding the opera season.

Co-Chairs: Janet Langhart Cohen and Ann Hand

Sponsor: Washington Opera Women's Committee

Women’s Committee Chair: Mrs. Marnell Bruce


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