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Impressionists at Argenteuil Exhibit Opening
A Lasting Impression

One of the highlights of the National Gallery of Art’s series of summer exhibitions brought out an arrayof Washington notables for a black-tie dinner and gala celebration held in its honor. The exhibit—"TheImpressionists at Argenteuil"—is the first of its kind to explore the quaint suburban town of Argenteuiland its historic role in the evolution of impressionism. The show boasts over 50 works of art from suchartists as former Argenteuil resident Claude Monet, Auguste Renoir, Alfred Sisley, and Edouard Manet.After viewing the exhibition, guests gathered in the East Garden Court for cocktails, while musiciansserenaded them with late-19th century French café music. Dinner was served in the Rotunda and wasfollowed by remarks from National Gallery of Art President Robert H. Smith; French Ambassador FrançoisBujon de l’Estang; President, Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation George David; andNational Gallery Director, Earl "Rusty" Powell, III.

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Mr. and Mrs. George Frelinghuysen


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