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June 1st • Mellon Auditorium

THE EVENT: "With A Little Help From Our Friends," The Washington Ballet had its most successful gala ever. The party featured excerpts from this Spring's ballet, Always, No Sometimes, choreographed by Trey McIntyre and set to a medley of Beatles' tunes. The theme, coupled with the desire to show support for The Washington Ballet, attracted an unprecedented 500 guests and raised a record $500,000 plus.

THE SCENE: What sets the Washington Ballet festivities apart from the rest is that everybody dances. Madly. Beatles music, lipsynched by four mop-topped impersonators, got everyone "Moving and Shaking" from the get-go. Many were inspired to jump up between courses and dance to those familiar tunes until they were dripping. KUDOS TO "Our Magical Mystery Tour" would have never happened without the amazing energy of the chair, Cindy Jones and generous sponsors, notably the Fannie Mae Foundation and underwriters Arturo and Hilda Brillembourg, Ned Evans, Cindy and Evan Jones and The Jonathan Ledecky Foundation. I'm not sure what was in the punch, but I've never seen so much smooching at a Washington event – proving, once again, that "All You Need Is Love…"

THE GUESTS: Jim Kimsey, John Cecchi, Jack Davies, Mary and Robert Hatt , Mark McFadden, Bill and Betsey Delphos, Netherlands Amb. Boudewijn and Jellie van Eenennaam, Barbara Harrison
and Penny Yerks.


Arturo Brillembourg
Dancers perform live to the Beatles’ “Blackbird”

Lance Young
Sharon and Jack Casey

Mary Haft, Katherine Bradley and Bobby Haft
Pamela and Jamie Aparicio and Amb. Jan Eliasson

Christine and Doug Swanson
Keri Ann Meslar, John Cecchi and Katherine Kennedy

Sharon and Bruce Bradley
Bob and Rose Cohen

Cindy Jones and Martha Whitley
Leon Fuerth and Bill McSweeney

Isabel Ernst, George Chopivsky and Clara Brillembourg
Christina de Paul, Mariella Traeger, Septime Webre and Beth Kaczmarek

Susan and Mike Herreld
Kathleen and Steven O’Connor

Robert and Aimee Lehrman
Dutch Amb. Boudewijn and Jeltje van Eenennaam

Martha and Richard Beckler
Beatles cover band


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