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June 15th
Ceviche Restaurant/Discovery World Headquarters

THE EVENT: Current TV and WL hosted a happy hour in honor of Al Gore and his fi lm, "An Inconvenient Truth." A few hours later, Discovery Channel and WL host an after-after party for Martin Scorsese who was being honored at the Guggenheim Symposium.

THE SCENE: Budding young fi lm directors and producers mixed with established producer and distributor types during a laid back couple of hours at Ceviche's spacious bar and lounge, sipping on passion fruit tequila martinis with jalapeño garnish. At the late-night reception, young, hip "social smokers" mingled on the outdoor patio, while more serious patrons found solace, intelligent conversation and air-conditioning in the colorfully lit and minimally decorated interior.

THE GUESTS: Al Gore, Current TV's Anne Kallin Zehren, Mark Halperin, Ceviche owner Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld, Director Jim Jarmusch, Grace Guggenheim, Kate Taylor and Murray Horwitz.


Douglas M. Duncan, Judith McHale, Al Gore, Jean Picker Firstenberg, Patricia Finneran and Terry Lierman

Jim Jarmusch
Anne Kallin Zehren and Ceviche owner Mauricio Fraga-Rosenfeld

Patrick Barnes and Susan Dyner
Mark Halperin and Karen Avrich

Liz Witham and Kate Taylor
David Leavy


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