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June 2nd • The Cherry Blossom Riverboat

THE EVENT: A fundraiser for The Leukemia& Lymphoma Society's Man of the Year Award hosted by Josh Thomas.

THE SCENE: The mini-cruisers bon voyaged in Old Town Alexandria before sailing down the Potomac to enjoy stunning views of the city's landmarks and monuments. The young and beautiful rubbed elbows and more on the warm and crowded roof deck, nibbled jerk chicken and listened to a live steel drum band. The fourhour open bar served up frozen margaritas and strawberry daiquiris that complemented the ladies'bright printed sundresses and the pastel jackets and shirts of the gentlemen.

THE GUESTS: Ray Regan, Will Trohanis, George Vincent, Lizanna Garrett and Brody McMurty.

Brody McMurtry, Christiana Gallagher, Eva Jurkuvics, Davey Young and Chris Jackson


Sam Somack and Matt Gunther
Quentin Ward, Kate Stilwill and Josh Thomas

DJ Todd
Julie Zielonick and Eva Jurkuvics

Heather Guay
Courtaney White, Pamela Watson and Gillian Market

The Cherry Blossom Riverboat
Lizanna Gounett and Joe Reger

Georgia Gerstim and Alexandria Slowinska
Pat Judge, Adam Stifel, Justin Magazine and Trennis Jones


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