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May 25th • Kennedy Center

THE EVENT: Young patrons of the National Symphony Orchestra hosted an outdoor evening concert on the Kennedy Center's Roof to meet, greet and treat current and potential members.

THE SCENE: Guests listened to viola, violin and cello music played by D.C. Youth Fellows on the outdoor terrace. Hors d'oeuvres and cocktails circulated during this sunset reception overlooking the Washington skyline and $5,000 was raised for the cause. The after party was at Spank nightclub.

THE GUESTS: Alex Robart, Skip Yeats, Arianne Gregory, Erik Gaull, Lauren Drayer and Kris Hammod.

Arianne Gregory and Lori Trautwine

Alex Robart, Torrey Shallcross and Lauren Force
David and Kaori Inoue and Erik Gaull

Stacey Hinton and Yogi David and Kaori Inoue and Erik Gaull gi Hehra
Christian Moritz, Lauren Drayer, Kristin Knoblach and Kris Hammod


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