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The Annual Booksellers convention descended on Washington on May 17th with all the creative force of Dorothy en route to Oz. The five day publishing extravaganza included congressional hearings, book signings and more agents than the C.I.A.

Mom worked the crowd, Dad held court. It was a family affair for Vice President Dick Cheney and wife Lynn, who did their best not to upstage their daughter Mary at her book launch for Now It's My Turn in the back room of The Palm. The ‘multimedia' crowd consumed most of the square footage: MSNBC's Tammy Haddad, CQ's Chris Lehmann, Washingtonian's Harry Jaffe, NBC's Betsy Fischer and Slate's John Dickerson. It was an interesting crowd since the event was "off limits" to the press. Mary Matalin, former assistant to President George W. Bush, heads up the new conservative imprint for Simon & Schuster. No sign of hubby James Carville that we know of, but hey, he's press.

Ann Coulter has not ... repeat ... not ... lost any of her 100 plus newspaper outlets despite the controversy surrounding her remarks about 9/11 widows. Judging by all the air & ink sucking going on, it's gotta be true. "Ann Coulter Wows Leno," screams NewsMax. "Latest Ann Coulter Outrage," prints Editor & Publisher. "Want to Really Get Back at Ann Coulter? Then Shut Up About Her," advises Blogcritics. Too late. The edgy right-wing conservative's Godless: The Church of Liberalism features her trademark - blasting liberals. She's got the gig down pat.

At first glance you'd think that Pulitzer nominated (Long Time Passing) author and political writer Myra MacPherson was taking her cue from Good Night and Good Luck! Not true. Her upcoming book has been in the works for 13 years! All Governments Lie: The Life and Times of Rebel Journalist I. F. Stone wades through the life of a man driven, according to the author, by insecurity and curiosity. "Stone remains enormously relevant today, in an era of too much journalistic acquiescence." Publisher's Weekly notes. Personally, MacPherson thinks this administration is definitely smoking something, as well as dispensing it to the press corps.

Farid Abboud, Mary Ourisman, Mandy Ourisman, Jen and sam Donaldson
NAB President David Rehr and Miss America Jennifer Berry

Mystery author James Patterson had a ball, literally, at his book launch for Beach Road. Set in the Hamptons, the perfect summer thriller got the perfect thriller party at Teatro Goldoni, where beach balls were tossed around as much as the conversation. Party goers included Wyatt and Tandy Dickerson, Clearchannel's Marilyn Thompson, CQ's Jodi Schneider, Katherine Wood and 300 other fans, publishers and out-of-towners.

Lebanese Ambassador Farid Abboud and his wife Rim hosted a lavish book party for Helen Thomas, despite any political differences. While she may not be a popular figure at The White House, the Hearst columnist commanded a formidable crowd for Watchdog of Democracy? Colleague Sam Donaldson took over: "During the Carter administration, they planted trees. Helen was there. After Carter left, we said ‘Oh, come on Helen', take the shovel and throw in a little dirt. It was then that I thought I heard the ghosts of Presidents past, present and future whispering ‘Shove her in!'" Thomas shot back, "It's really nice to hear your obituary. After looking at my book, I'm sure the ambassador thought I'd be looking for asylum."

Bill Clinton
Jodi Schneider and Tandy Dickerson


Jennifer Berry, Miss America 2006, presented the Leadership Award at the America Awards Gala on June 12th at The Ritz Carlton. While the Oklahoma beauty is no stranger to D.C., we suspect the draw may have been the recipient: Former President William Jefferson Clinton. The event, sponsored by Bonneville Int'l Corp. and the National Association of Broadcasters featured Deborah Norville, host of Inside Edition, and honored Broadcasters for outstanding courage in the wake of Hurricane Katrina.

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