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June 3rd • Hillandale Mansion, Georgetown

THE EVENT: Isabel and Ricardo Ernst and A. Huda and Samia Forouki returned a favor by hosting an elaborate 40th birthday party for friend Karim Kawar.

THE SCENE: 200 guests made an extra eff ort to look extra spiff y, especially Karim, who lost 40 lbs. for the big day. Marvin Hamlisch composed a birthday song incorporating the party's theme, "spiff y and sporty and fi nally turning forty." Guests stayed until 2 a.m., sipping blue drinks on the lawn and dancing to a DJ, who, along with the dance fl oor, was imported from New York, while the live band hailed from Mexico.

THE GUESTS: Chief of Protocol Donald Ensenat, Sen. John Sununu, Wolf Blitzer, George Tennent, and Prince Turki al-Faisal.

Lynn Blitzer, Luma Kawar and Wolf Blitzer


HRH Prince Turki al-Faisal, Joann Mason and Alexandra de Borchgrave
Anthony Lanier, Isabel Ernst, Davis and Lynda Camalier

Ian Boyer and George Tennent

Kitty and Sen. John Sununu
Wilma Bernstein, Amb. Stuart Bernstein and Anita McBride

Marie-Therese Lowell, Amb. John Lowell and Reem Halason-Masri
HRH Princess Nouf Bint Fahad and Maria Felice Mekouar

Maria Abdenur and Jane Cafritz
Amb. Karim and Luma Kawar


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