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No More Taxation without Representation!

DC Vote is working to secure congressional suffrage for District residents

Where in America are there more than half a million disenfranchised voters? Right where many of you are sitting (and likely call home): the District of Columbia. DC Vote, founded in 1998, is working to change that. With bipartisan support from members of the House and Senate (see sidebars), and awareness-raising events (see the exclusive photos from the DC Vote dinner reception at Patricia Bauman's home below), DC Vote is the leading organization in a coalition formed to support the D.C. Voting Rights Act.

In a historic vote cast on May 18 by the House Committee on Government Reform, the D.C. Fair and Equal House Voting Rights Act (H.R. 5388) passed with a 29-4 vote. If passed, this bill would give Washington residents full representation in Congress for the fi rst time. "This mark-up is the crown jewel of the decade for the D.C. voting rights movement," said DC Vote Executive Director Ilir Zherka." We have been inching toward our goal of congressional voting representation for years, and the mark-up of this bill moves us miles closer to the fi nish line."


ane and Daniel Solomon
Margot Aronson Levin, Ann Hoff man, Jonathan Rodgers and Royal Kennedy Rodgers

Wade J. Henderson and Rep. Rob Bishop
Patricia Bauman

Joe Horning
Lois and Richard England



Who Will be D.C.'s Next Top (Role) Model

Easy Rollins in Walter Mosely's books because he is cool under pressure.
Detective Spencer. Analytical mind and enjoys life's simple things.
Sethe in Toni Morrison's Beloved because she is a proud woman.
Virgil Tibbs in In The Heat of the Night for his courage.
Inability to resist talking during movies. Others? Disloyalty
Indulging my adult children. Others? Dishonesty
Sometimes I sweat the small stuff. Others? Should sweat the small stuff more often.
Losing loved ones.
District's progress will stall.
Forgetting to laugh.
Failing to connect D.C. education to D.C. employment to D.C. economic development
Ability to fl y to avoid D.C. traffic.
To move at warp speed to get more done.
Being able to see into the future.
To cure cancer.
I would love to have Superman's powers. The ability to leap tall buildings with a single bound to avoid traffic and parking would be fantastic.
Keep the door open and the ladder down for others.
Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.
I don't have one.
Work hard and give back.
Manly deeds, scholarship and love for all mankind.
My Dad (Ron Brown) always urged stick-to-itiveness and perseverance.
Be true to thyself and always honest with constituents.
Michael Bloomberg, mayor of New York City -" Hire good people."
Listen to your gut instincts.
Be true to yourself and never give up.



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