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Mellow yellow for Govinda´s 30th Anniversary

At the 30th Anniversary of his gallery on September 23, Chris Murray recalled how he could never have imagined that knocking on folk-rock legend and artist Donovan’s door at the Mayfl ower Hotel in the ‘60s would lead to a 30 year friendship. Recently, Donovan played at his wedding in Ireland, and is now showing his collection of “Sapphographs” at Govinda Gallery. Inspired by the circa 600 B.C. lady poet Sappho from the Greek island of Lesbos, Donovan attempts to and succeeds at evoking the beauty of the wri en word in visual form.

Jody Arlington, artist Sid Maurer and Abigail Greenway reminisced about the Georgetown gallery’s impressive record of displaying early works by photographers Annie Leibovitz and Astrid Kirchher. Over the years, Murray has exhibited many works from Andy Warhol and others who inspired him to look at cut ing edge photography. Today, the gallery is known worldwide for its music-related photography.

In December, Govinda Gallery will exhibit works from Rolling Stone photographer Mark Selinger’s new book, “In My Stairwell.” The book features Paul McCartney, Susan Sarandon, Lou Reed, Tom Wolfe, among others, who all bring diff erent personalities to the same small space, his stairwell.

Jody Arlington and Frank Cordes

Abigail Greenway

Maureen Harrington
Donovan and Chris Murray
Andre Gregory

Susan Burgerman
Simon van Steyn and Jessica Griffin


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