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From left to right: Adrian Talbott, Mae Haney Grennan, Enrico Cecchi, Charles Goorah, Amy Holmes, Ashley Taylor, Marco Minuto, Toby Moore, Mary Moffett, Mat Lapinski, Eleanore Richards de Sole, and Michelle Haney Maddux.


Washington has no shortage of accomplished junior (in age only) social achievers. Their contributions may or may not be millions of dollars to the Kennedy Center, or a new wing at NIH, but they are significant just the same. Not surprisingly, when “Fortune” published its annual list of “40 richest under 40,” Washington was home to a few including: Raul Fernandez, Dan Snyder, Mark Ein, Jeffrey Zients and Michael Saylor.

Sam Hornblower

Their faces and names may not be recognizable to all. These younger folks are not found in large numbers at such events as the Lombardi Gala; more likely they’re dancing at the Corcoran Gallery’s 1869 Society’s parties, or sharing happy hour drinks at chic Maté or IndeBleu with the Young Benefactors of the Smithsonian. Some are making headlines with their political involvements—Adrian Talbott and Justin Rockefeller for example, with their newly formed “Generation Engage” to encourage voter turnout. Others are penning their first books right out of college, as Ross Douthat did when he published Privilege, a compelling tale of his Harvard experience. Sometimes their efforts are discounted, especially when members of fraternity and sorority type organizations, known for giving only pennies to charity, dominate the coverage of younger Washingtonians. But there is another side of the city that is more than a bevy of future “trophy wives” and men prancing around in embroidered pants.



Elbridge Colby
Tarah Donoghue and Kathryn Duryea

There are many serious contributors to the city’s vibrancy, growth and future success.This list includes those who are donating to deserving philanthropic endeavors, pioneering in the business and political worlds, and raising the bar of taste and style in D.C. Their accomplishments vary as much as their age, from those making significant contributions right out of college, to those on the older cusp, who are already leaders in their respective fields.

All may not call Washington their main place of residence, but each is deeply rooted and among the trendsetters. For these reasons, Washington Life is pleased to debut the Young and the Guest List. There is always room for additions (and subtractions), and we welcome suggestons at wl@washingtonlife.com to our advisory committee.


Mr. Eric Adler
Mr. James Alefantis
Mr. Michael Allen
Mr. Steve Andronico
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Arundel (Brady)

Nellie Boone
Sarah Baker


Mr. Brett Baier
Mr. Patrick bateman
Miss Annie Lou Bayly
Miss Christian Bailey
Miss Sarah Baker
Ms. Veronique Bardache
Mr. John Barnett
Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Barth (Mary)
Mr. William Bass
Mr. Fernando Batista
Mr. Peter Beinart
Miss Deborah Berger
Mr. Julian Berger
Mr. Peter Bergen
Miss Elizabeth Berman
Ms. Molly Bingham
Mr. Robert “Bo” Blair
Mr. G. Trenholm Boggs. Jr.
Miss Eleanor Boone
Miss Tara Boone
Ms. Nicole Boxer
Mr. Quinn Bradlee
Miss Clara Brillembourg
Mr. Sam Brooks
Mr. Warren Brown
Miss Barbara Bush
Miss Jenna Bushç

Ana Marie Cox
Michael Crain



Miss Amy Cada
Mr. Tanner Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Canfield (Paige)
Mr and Mrs. Enrico Cecchi (Andrea)
Mr. G. John Cecchi
Miss Wendy Champan
Miss Alexandra Chopvisky
Mr. George Chopvisky﹐ III
Miss Chelsea Clinton
Miss Julia Cohen
Mr. Elbridge A. Colby
Mr. Evan Coluccio
Miss Makeba Coyoka
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Crain (Joanna)
Miss Whitney Cumming
Miss Lee Culp


Mr. and Mrs. Francis Colt de Wolf. III (Nathalie)
Miss Eleanore Richards de Sole
Miss Jordan Delphos
Miss Nunu Deng
Mr. Caesar Devoto
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Deutch (Marne Levine)
Mr. and Mrs. John Dickerson (Ann)
Mr. Carling Dinkler﹐ IV
Mr. Raymond “Tripp” Donnelly. III
Mr. Ross Douthat
Miss Tarah Donoghue
Miss Jill Dowell
Mr and Mrs. Kevin Downey (Michelle Jolin)
Mr. Theodore Downey
Miss Katherine Downs
Mr. Seyhan Duru
Miss Kathryn Duryea

Ross Douthat
Cleo Gewirz


Miss Catherine Edwards
Mr. Christopher Edwards
Mr. Mark Ein
Miss Valerie Emerson
Ms. Page Evans


Mr. and Mrs. Tarek Farouki (Shiva)
Mr. Michael Feldman
The Honorable and Mrs. Adrian Fenty (Michelle)
Mr. and Mrs. Raul Fernandez (Jean Marie)
Miss Deborah Fine
Miss Karen Finney
The Honorable Harold Ford﹐ Jr.
Mr. Charles Fox
Mr. Wesley fricks


Mr. Curtis Gallagher
Miss L. Hadley Gamble
Mr and Mrs. Douglas Gansler (Laura)
Mr. Robert Garza
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Gergen (Heather)
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gewirz (Cleo)
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Gewirz (Katrina)
Mr. Trevor Gibbons
Mr. Joshua Ginsburg
Mr. Constantine Gogos
Mr. John Goodwin
Mr. Charles Goorah
Mr. Albert Gore, III
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Gould (Piper)
Mr. Matthew Jessee
Mr. Garrett Graff
Mr. Jeffrey Y. Grappone
Miss Melissa Grassi
Mr. and Mrs. Andre Grennan (Mae Haney)
Mr. Carlos Gutierrez. Jr.

Chelsea Clinton
Doug Gansler



Mr. and Mrs. Brett Haber (Jennifer)
Mr. Henry Hager
Mr. Mark Halperin
Mr. and Mrs. John Halpin (Jamie)
Mr. Ted Halstead
Mr. John Hanshaw
Mr. Scott Hanson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hartley (Gretchen)
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Herrick (Lindsay)
Mr. Eric Hilton
Mr. Jeffrey Himmelman
Mr. Paul Holder
Miss Amy Holmes
Mr. Sam Hornblower
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Howard (Rebecca)
Mr. Matthew Hunter
H. R. H. Prince Hashim Hussein of Jordan
H. R. H. Princess Iman Hussein of Jordan
Mr. S. Brooks Huston
Mr. Scott Hutchinson

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