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Up-and-coming soprano Sarah Coburn,
daughter of Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn
and a former Miss Oklahoma, will star
as Asteria in the Washington National
Opera's spring production of Tamerlane.

WL: What's on your iPod?

SC: Usually the opera that I am learning or
studying at the time. Also, The Police, Michael Jackson, Cake, Justin Timberlake, Chris Rice, Watermark, Renée Fleming and Bach.

WL: When did you become interested
in opera?

SC: I started thinking about it seriously in
graduate school. Before, I liked to sing
"operatically" around the house.

WL: The most difficult role you have played?

SC: Linda di Chamounix — it is a marathon.

WL: What surprises you most about your adult life?

SC: That childhood is over.

WL: Something that's been your mind
lately is...

SC: How irritating it is to turn on the
television and see that American pop
culture is the only thing on the news.

WL: Your life would be simpler if...

SC: I had more closet space.

WL: What do you worry about the most?

SC: I worry quite a bit before performances. I guess that it is pretty typical to worry that one will forget the words or sing out of tune!

WL: What do you most love about Washington?

SC: The architecture and history. It is such a beautiful city.



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