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Ten to do

Cesaria Evora


1. Get Diva'd

Absorb the haunting Cape Verdean melodies of Cesaria Evora at Lisner Auditorium. www. lisnerauditorium.com, (202) 397-7328.

April 1

Ringling Bros


2. Clown Around

Be amazed and mystified when the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus comes to town. www. ringling.com, (202)397-7328.

April 5

Champions on Ice


3. Ice Ice Baby

Skate on down to the newly named Verizon Center to watch Champions on Ice. Don't miss Michelle Kwan's skating skills. www.verizoncenter.com, (202) 397-7328.

April 15

Julliard String Quartet



4. String Along

Go classical with the Julliard String Quartet at the Coolidge Auditorium of the Library of Congress. www.loc.gov/rr/perform/concert, (202) 707-5502.

April 7

Easter games



5. Egg'EmOn

Roll with the kids for Easter games on the White House lawn. You won't need clearance to meet the Bunny. www. whitehouse.gov, (202) 208-1631.

April 17

D.C. International Film Festival



6. Fade In

Make like Sundance right here in the District at the D.C. International Film Festival. See the best flicks first all over town. www.filmfestdc.org, (301) 581-5200.

April 19



Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood



7. Improvise This

Laugh along with Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood of “What's My Line” fame. They freestyle their funny. www.strathmore.org, (301) 581-5200.

April 21


Hunt Country Antique Fair



8. Horse Around

Go back in time and find hidden treasures at the Hunt Country Antique Fair. www.dfshows.com, (703) 779-2800.

April 22

Folger Theatre

9. Act Up

Celebrate William Shakespeare's birthday at the Folger Theatre. www.folger.edu. (202) 544-7044.

April 23

Georgetown House Tour.

10. House Yourself

See how the other (or same) half lives at the Georgetown House Tour. www.georgetownhousetour. com, (202) 338-1796

April 29

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