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"Thank You for Smoking" Screening

• March 6th• Motion Picture Association of America Headquarters

The Event: An MPAA screening “Thank You for Smoking,” an adaptation of Christopher Buckley’s 1994 novel of the same name. The satirical story, parts of which were filmed in Washington, follows fictional Big Tobacco lobbyist Nick Taylor (Aaron Eckhart) as he defends the rights of smokers and cigarette makers.
The Scene: Following the screening David and Hope Bass hosted a toney dinner at the Metropolitan Club where Christopher Hitchens and Chris Matthews roasted and toasted Buckley for finally getting his novel to the big screen.
The Guests: Kevin Chaffee, Roxanne Roberts, Bill and Janet Cohen, Christopher Hitchens, Jim Kimsey and Chris and Kathleen Matthews.

Lucy and Christopher Buckley

Stephanie O’Neil
Christopher Hitchens

Bill and Janet Cohen
Jim Kimsey

Christina and John McLaughlin
David Bass, Gwen Holiday, Hope Bass and Stuart Holiday

Chris Matthews and Christopher Buckley
Nina Auchincloss Straight

Buckley Carlson and Chris Larsin
Michelle Laxalt

Photos by Kyle Samperton


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