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Bradleys' host "The Mommy Wars"

March 4th • Bradley Residence

The Event: Katherine and David Bradley and Liz and Jim Underhill hosted a book party to celebrate the release of Leslie Morgan Steiner's new collection of essays, "Mommy Wars." Steiner set out to resolve the "cat fight" between women who stay at home to raise kids and those who pursue careers while raising children with contributions from 26 writers, including Pulitzer Prize winner Jane Smiley.
The Scene: "Mommy Wars" contributors Page Evans, Beth Brophy and Reshma Yaqub listened as Steiner read selections from the book and then answered questions.
The Guests: Giselle Theberge, Bobby Haft, Luma Kuwar, ABC News' Rebecca Cooper, the Post's Ann McDaniel and Walter Pincus, and former Sen. Bob Kasten and his wife Sarah.

Katherine Bradley, Leslie Morgan Steiner and Liz Underhill

Danielle Crittenden and David Frum
Keith and Jo-Ann Wallace Jenkins

Michele Dreyfuss and Dianne Rehm
Rebecca Cooper, Carrington Tarr and Page Evans

Josh Bernstein
Giselle Theberge

Sally Bedell Smith, David Bradley and Stephen Smith
Keith Powell and Jim Underhill

Walter Pincus
Maria and Larry Fisher

Photos by Kyle Samperton


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