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"Bygone Days" Publication Party

March 17th • The Residence of Tom and Linda Daschle

The Event: Tom and Linda Daschle and Nathan and Jill Daschle hosted a party to celebrate the publication of "Bygone Days," a collection of John Penor's photography from rural South Dakota in the 194o's and 50's. Penor had placed the photos in a box where they sat for 50 years before his grand nephew, photographer Steven Sebring, discovered them, retrieved the negatives and had them printed.
The Scene: Guests at the intimate celebration were treated to a reading from poet and songwriter Patti Smith, who wrote the book's foreword. Smith also entertained the crowd with an acoustic performance of several songs including one called "Living," dedicated to the Daschle's most recent grandchild called.
The Guests: Nora Maccoby, FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein, Former Lt. Governor of Virginia Don Beyer and his wife Megan, Julia Cohen and Tom and Elissa Davidson.

Patti Smith


Nora Maccoby and Julia Cohen
Eric Hanson and Rusty Talcott

Nathan Daschle and Jim Bell
Susanna Monroney and Laurie Talcott

Jill Daschle
Renee Robinson and Shaista Mahmood

Former Sen. Tom Daschle and Linda Daschle
Shoshana and Steven Sebring

Scott Russell and Mark Scott

Jonathan Adelstein, Don Beyer and Megan Beyer

Photos by Kyle Samperton


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