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75th Anniversary of the Royal Ballet

February 22nd • The Residence of Esther Coopersmith

The Event: Esther Coopersmith hosted an intimate cocktail reception to tempt guests with a preview of The Royal Ballet before it performs at the Kennedy Center in June during its 75th anniversary season. The dinner for 60 guests also welcomed Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas, chairman of The Royal Opera House, while she visited in Washington.
The Scene:
Coopersmith served her famous chili with all the trimmings. "This is the most fabulous chili, and the entire diplomatic scene knows it," Tandy Dickerson said.
The Guests: Jordanian Amb. Karim Kawar, Willee Lewis, Aniko Gaal Schott, and Donald Rappaport.

Aniko Gaal Schott, Carmen Petrowitz and Tandy Dicker son

Majida Mourad and Jim Kimsey
Danielle Parris and Thomas Canfield

Marie Ridder and Prudie Squire
Louise Schwebel and Susan Rappaport

Don Rappaport and Tony Miles
Robert Craft, Finnish Amb. Jukka Valtasaari and Willee Lewis

Stephen Schwebel, Lolo Sarnoff, Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas and Susan Rappaport

Pamela Aparicio, Ina Ginsburg and Esther Coopersmith

Anthony Russell Roberts, Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas and Jordanian Amb. Karim Kawar

Photos by Russell Hisrhon


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