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The Shakespeare Theatre Five by Tenn
Tennessee Williams Treasures Never Produced

Guests of The Shakespeare Theatre gathered in the Chinese Lounge at the Kennedy Center for dinner on April 22 before being treated to a production of “Five By Tenn,” five Tennessee Williams one-act plays directed by Michael Kahn. The production featured an act from the hit play, “I Can’t Imagine Tomorrow,” as well as acts from four plays never before produced: “These Are the Stairs You Got to Watch,” “Escape,” “And Tell Sad Stories of Death Queens...” and “The Municipal Abattoir.” The stellar cast included Thomas Jay Ryan, Kathleen Chalfant and Joan van Ark.

At a post-performance dinner, David Michael Bruce of Librix Continuum, publishers of limited edition books, presented Michael Kahn with one of the first copies of the beautiful oversized book, “Tennessee.” The book contains the full text of “The Glass Menagerie,” “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” and the never-published play, “These Are the Stairs You Got to Watch.” The book retails for $3,600 and can be purchased through Librix Continuum, but is available to donors and patrons of the Shakespeare Theatre for $1,280. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of “Tennessee” will benefit The Shakespeare Theatre.

Clarice Smith, Robert Smith, James
Adler, Esthy Adler, and
Nicholas Goldsborough.

Joan van Ark as Mrs. Fenway and Cameron Folmar as
Donald Fenway in Tennessee Williams, “Escape”

Michael Kahn and Joan van Ark Michael Klein and Joan Fabry

David Bruce Smith Robert Falb with Robert and Clarice Smith and
Stephen L. Vanilio


Photos by Anna Ng Delort


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